Nonprofit Jobs

A Second Career in the Non Profit World

Non-profits are hiring again. Are you ready to make the switch?

Seeking to Start a Farm, Tim Will Finds a New Career Creating Jobs

An ex-systems analyst put his skills to work getting an economically depressed region back on its feet. His efforts have been recognized with a $100,000 Purpose Prize.

A Portfolio Career Brings a Retirement with the Right Life Balance

Accountant Peter Harris wanted to improve his life balance. Developing a life portfolio plan helped him do it.

Giving Back: From Actress to Social Worker

Carol Mannes stages a career comeback as a social worker to help her fellow thespians cope.

Working at a Nonprofit: Journalist Is Moved by its Mission

Elaine Purchase hears a small voice that calls her to help the most vulnerable—drug-exposed and medically fragile infants.

Producing a Second Career: Starting a Nonprofit Theatre Troupe

It took Marcia Seligson a few false starts before she found the next act that was right for her.

Richer By Far: Developer Now Helps the Homeless

Attending a spiritual retreat inspired real estate developer Alan Graham to remake his life feeding Austin’s homeless.

Becoming a Pastor: My Spiritual Calling

Susanna Margaret Goulder gave up a glamorous career as set decorator for movies and TV to find more meaningful work.

She Dreamed of Africa

Vivian Glyck gave up a six-figure salary to help a hospital in Uganda—and has never felt richer.

Civic Ventures Aims to Bring Out the Benevolence in Boomers

An entrepreneurial nonprofit, Civic Ventures, directs the energy of would-be retirees into philanthropic endeavors that capitalize on their deep, profound experience and drive to give back.