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Life Values Self-Assessment Test Launched by

A New Tool For Assessing Life Priorities is pleased to announce the launch of the Life Values Self-Assessment Test (LVAT).  This new tool is easy to use and is designed to help people get insight into the interests and activities they need to focus on to achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life.  The LVAT is offered free to all registered users of

The LVAT works by asking you to make a series of choices between 11 core life values, and the results provide a clear rank ordering that reflects your underlying life priorities.  The test takes about 15 minutes to complete. 

The LVAT is a useful and enjoyable life planning tool, and we encourage individuals and coaches in our network to recommend it to friends, colleagues and clients and who might find it to be of value.  We have also provided the functionality to make it easy for users to post a link to the test on their Facebook pages or Linked-In accounts.

To access the LVAT, click the link below:


We plan to refine and improve the LVAT over time, and we welcome your feedback and comments.  Please send us your thoughts at the email address below.

Jeremy Koch