Careers 2.0: Profiles in Career Change

A Second Chance to Become a Pro Golfer

A Second Chance to Become a Pro Golfer

For the best amateur players, turning 50 means a chance to try qualifying for the pro tour. For MIke Goodes, it meant becoming a stalwart pro—and tournament champion.

Career Change: A Guide to Finding Your Passion

Seven Common Sense Steps To Finding a Career You Love
From Art Director to Art Teacher

From Art Director to Art Teacher

Volunteering for the PTA led Gina Plaitakis down the path to a new career.

Five Things to Contemplate Before Making a Major Career Change

Midlife career change involves emotional as well as professional challenges. Here are some key issues to be aware of.
Five Great Second Careers

Five Great Second Careers

The tough economy hasn’t forced boomers to give up their dreams of second careers with meaning. But where can you find those jobs in tough times?

Living Like You Mean It: The Existential Life

To be fully alive, your search for personal meaning must be never-ending

Does Your Personality Fit Your Career?

What to do if you find you personality and your job are out of alignment

The Secret of Success in 8 Words, 3 Minutes

Author Richard St. John speaks on the eight traits that all successful people have in common (3 minute video)

Career Change: Downshifting Your Career as a Retirement Strategy

Shedding hours or responsibilities can help you move toward the career transition you want.

A New Definition of Entrepreneurship

"Go It Alone” by Bruce Judson provides a new definition of entrepreneurship for solo entrepreneurs and lays out 10 principles for entrepreneurial success

How to Sell Your Startup Business

John Warrillow explains how to make sure that your startup business sells for the best price possible

The Hottest New Job Sectors

CNNMoney reports on the job sectors and cities where employment growth is strongest

Finding Your Life Purpose (Video)

Life Coach and best-selling author Richard Leider talks about how to find your life purpose

Is a Career Coach Worth the Investment?

Find out why a career coach might be a good choice for you

Personal Reinvention in Park City

Two fast-track New Yorkers find new careers and a more civilized pace in the Wasatch mountains.
Becoming an Author: From the Corner Office to the Bestseller List

Becoming an Author: From the Corner Office to the Bestseller List

How do you go from being a single corporate executive to a married bestselling (and globetrotting) author? Lalita Tademy wrote the book.

Test-Drive Your Dream Job

Years of dreaming about a career change led Brian Kurth to his perfect job. The Oregon entrepreneur helps clients take a trial run at their own dreams.

Best Online Job Sites for Boomers and Beyond

13 online job sites specifically targeted at mature job seekers

Life Lessons from the Class of 42

Where does fulfillment come from? David Brooks analyzes the personal reminiscences of the Yale class of 1942

The Three R's of Midlife Reinvention

Psychologist Vivian Diller offers advice for personal reinvention in midlife

From High Finance to Fagioli

Quitting a $500,000 a year Wall Street career to run your own Italian restaurant. Priceless.

Looking for New Business Ideas? Try This Approach

Serial entrepreneur Noah Kagan provides a series of insightful tips for identifying potential new business ideas

Becoming A Teacher in Retirement

Advice for those considering a career change to teaching prior to retirement

101 Weird Ways to Make Money

You may laugh at some of Steve Gillman's small business ideas, but his approach has proven successful at identifying entrepreneurial opportunities with big upside and not much competition.

From Retiree (Briefly) to Flight Attendant

Retirement gave Ronwyn Ingraham the chance to indulge her youthful dream of becoming a flight attendant.

Empty Nesters Find New Beginning in Provence

One couple parlayed their love of France into a small business, running retreats in a picturesque corner of the French Alps.

Buying a Business: A Banker Buys a Zoo

George Oldenburg gave up a successful banking career at 45 to buy a small-town animal farm.

Owning a Small Business: From Fortune 500 to the Fish Market

Buying a small business meant a loss of status and income for John Harvey, but it also brought him freedom and a fuller life.

Downsized To The Fast Lane: From TV News to Porsche 911s

Getting laid off after 22 years turned out to be a lucky break for Steve Weiner. The former TV cameraman started a company to fulfill his life passion: modifying high performance race cars.

Civic Ventures Aims to Bring Out the Benevolence in Boomers

An entrepreneurial nonprofit, Civic Ventures, directs the energy of would-be retirees into philanthropic endeavors that capitalize on their deep, profound experience and drive to give back.

Becoming a Pastor: My Spiritual Calling

Susanna Margaret Goulder gave up a glamorous career as set decorator for movies and TV to find more meaningful work.

Richer By Far: Developer Now Helps the Homeless

Attending a spiritual retreat inspired real estate developer Alan Graham to remake his life feeding Austin’s homeless.

From Dancer to Dietician: Healthy Steps to a New Profession

Helen Butleroff had a rewarding career as a Broadway dancer and choreographer. At 54, she made a surprising and successful shift to a completely different field—nutrition.

Going Back to School—As College President

After her brother's murder, psychotherapist Helen Hand found solace and satisfaction by taking over the reins at the university he founded.

Dean of the Dream Job: From Radio Executive to Education Entrepreneur

Tom Hooper had dreamed of becoming a teacher. At 42, the two-time entrepreneur dusted off his dream and reinvented himself as director of development at a new private school.

The PI Wears Prada: One Woman’s Midlife Career Change

When her job in real estate soured and her kids got older, Jeanene Weiner followed a dream and started her own detective agency.

Getting Paid to See The World

Rob Geyer-Sylvia loved to travel, but life kept getting in the way. Then, at age 51 he found an exciting new job on the road.

Cooking Couple Turns to Comedy, Personal Training

Michael and Ellen Albertson found fame together as The Cooking Couple but abandoned that lucrative career to pursue their separate dreams.

Best LinkedIn Groups for Job Seekers

Join LinkedIn expert Phil Rosenberg on a tour of the social network's best groups for job seekers.

5 Tips for Midlife Career Change

Experts say it’s important not to rush a career transition. Develop a process that includes friends and advisors, and stick to it.

A Graceful Exit -- Before You Say ‘I Quit’

A career coach's guide to how best to give notice that you're quitting your job

The Accidental Winemaker

The abandoned lima bean farm that was meant to be a retirement retreat grew into a new career for vintner Deborah Hall

Working at a Nonprofit: Journalist Is Moved by its Mission

Elaine Purchase hears a small voice that calls her to help the most vulnerable—drug-exposed and medically fragile infants.
Son, Let’s Be Partners

Son, Let’s Be Partners

When he was young, Jack Rodgers passed on the chance to join his father in business. But decades later he came out of retirement to join his own son in a new venture.

6 Tips For Planning a Second Career

Moving into a new field later in life can be fulfilling. Here are six essential steps to making a successful transition...

How to Make the Switch to a Green Career

Green careers will be one of the fastest-growing employment categories in the years ahead; here's how you can make the switch.

Joining the Peace Corps at 51

Valerie Stinger’s desire to help the less fortunate, live in a foreign country and add to her lifelong learning led her to a dramatic career change, joining the Peace Corps at 51 after a career in pharmaceutical product development.

The 10 Most Important Success Factors for 50+ Entrepreneurs

Feeling the urge to start your own business? Here are the key success factors to consider before jumping in.

Seeking to Start a Farm, Tim Will Finds a New Career Creating Jobs

An ex-systems analyst put his skills to work getting an economically depressed region back on its feet. His efforts have been recognized with a $100,000 Purpose Prize.

Finally, He Bought the Farm

Once Barry Meinerth dreamed of being a veterinarian. He ended up with a big job in magazine production, but a few years ago his lifelong love of animals led him to buy a farm, and now he produces alpaca wool—and self-fulfillment—instead.

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