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Weekly Roundup -- November 3, 2010

A compilation of the best stories on career change and retirement transition from around the web

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This Week's Roundup

So… You Want to Be an Entrepreneur -- Wall Street Journal
Answer these ten questions to see if you have the personality, management style, and motivation to be a successful entrepreneur. Read More

Retirees Can Finance New Careers With Their 401(k)s  -- Newsweek
Retirees with nowhere else to turn for financing are using a tax-code loophole to cash out their 401(k) or IRA funds for seed money without incurring the 10% early-withdrawal penalty or a tax hit. Read More

How to Respond When an Employer Says, "You're Overqualified"  -- Second Act
If you're looking for work and concerned that your years of experience will put off potential employers, here are some expert tips for how to position yourself to get the job. Read More

The Spoils of Happiness – New York Times
Happiness isn’t just up to you. It also requires the cooperation of the world beyond you. Read More

Future-Jobs-O-Matic –
Identify the job you have, or the job you want, and the Future-Jobs-O-Matic will tell you whether your field is growing or declining, what salary prospects are for the next ten years, and what similar fields you might consider switching to. Read More

8 Places To Retire You Never Considered – Kiplingers
In many cases, retiring abroad offers the added draw of warmer weather, a lower cost of living and a slower pace of life.  Here are eight great retirement destinations outside the U.S. Read More


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