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WhatsNext News: April 2, 2010

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Emerging Career Change Opportunities In Education

Experts project growing opportunities for midlife career change to teaching in the next decade

A new study conducted by The National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future projects that the aging of the baby boom generation will lead to mass retirements of teachers and administrators from the K-12 education system in the US.  This in turn is likely to lead to a growing opportunity for other older workers who are interested in pursuing second careers in education, as well as opportunities for veteran teachers to continue working on a part-time basis. [Read more



Steve Vernon's Leap into Midlife Entrepreneurship

Some people start businesses later in life because they want to; others do it out of necessity after a job loss. Steve Vernon is among the fortunate ones who made the leap to entrepreneurship on his own.

Steve Vernon

Steve Vernon took early retirement in 2006 from Watson Wyatt Worldwide, an employee benefits consulting firm, where he was a vice president and consulting actuary. At age 53, he left a solid, secure job to start Rest-of-Life Communications, a sole proprietorship focused on educating people about retirement transitions. [Read more]



One Blogger's Homework: Setting Goals

Call it what you want, says Coach Lou, but reinventing a life requires real effort.

Life 3.0

Coach Lou and blogger d'blank discuss the importance of setting goals and defining objectives for a productive and satisfying retirement. [Read more.]



Footnote: Are You Happy?

A simple roadmap to finding true happiness.

Are you happy

This simple decision tree will help you navigate a course to happiness and fulfillment in life -- or not. 
(With advice like this, who needs a life coach?)
[Find out more.]