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WhatsNext News: April 25, 2010

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Four Strategies for Charting a Midlife Career Change

Some well established tips on how to gain clarity when considering a major shift in your career direction

Country Road

It's common for people in midlife to feel an urge to change careers in search of more meaningful work. But while the need for a change may be clear, the question of what that change should be is often murky and undefined.  Here are several strategies for gaining clarity of direction when considering a major career transition. Read More.


Six Things Retirement Calculators Get Wrong

A study by the Society of Actuaries says popular retirement calculators have serious flaws

Every major financial services company has an online tool to estimate how much money you need to save for retirement. But a recent study shows that many popular retirement calculators have fundamental flaws that can lead to miscalculations when plotting your financial future.  Read Mark Miller's report.



The Blues Make You Feel So Good!

You can never be sure where you will find your bliss .

d'blank, our intrepid blogger, decides to continue his search for meaning listening to the blues and eating ribs for breakfast in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  Despite his misgivings, his advisor, Coach Lou, assures him that this is all part of the plan. Read more.