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WhatsNext News: February 21, 2010

Featured content from the week of February 21


The Introvert's Guide to Self-Promotion

If you're the shy type, listen up (quietly): Author Nancy Ancowitz has some tips for you on career advancement.

"As an introvert, you’d probably rather listen than talk most of the time," writes Ancowitz. "Regardless, you have distinct advantages that enable you to create a strong network that can provide you with continuous support."  Read More. 



Paying Off Your Mortgage Can Boost Retirement Cash Flow

Debt reduction can be a smart investment for retirement security.

Should you carry a mortgage into retirement? Before the economic crash, financial planners advised many pre-retirement and retired investors to invest any free cash in stocks, rather than pay down a mortgage. But the new economy has ushered in much more conservative attitudes about retirement planning–especially indebtedness. Read more.


Empty Nesters Find a New Beginning in Provence

Getting away from the familiar references of home can encourage creative thinking, giving you a fresh perspective on life.

Barbara and Doug Babkirk were having dinner one night six years ago at their Tudor-style house tucked into the woods in Cumberland, Maine. They were both 48, and their only child had just left for college. “We were sitting at the table, both feeling a little weepy,” Doug remembers.” I said, ‘Okay, Barbara, we need to get a grip.’” Author Susan Crandell, former editor of More magazine, explains what happened next in this excerpt from her book “Thinking About Tomorrow: Reinventing Yourself at Midlife.” (Hint: it involves a trip to France.) Read more.


Featured Guide: Become a Bookstore Owner

E-book or print with CD-ROM 229 pages  $29.97 or $34.97

If owning a bookstore sounds like the career of your dreams, this guide is for you. While running a bookstore can bring a variety of rewards, it is a challenging business. Learn the hurdles you'll face, how you can get started and what it takes to succeed. Author Grace Jasmine has spent the past 15 years working directly with bookstore owners and publishers. To write this book, she picked the brains of “who’s who” in the bookselling industry. The experts who share insider advice include executives at the American and Canadian booksellers associations and dozens of veteran booksellers.. Download the guide now.