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WhatsNext News: June 4, 2010

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What Is a Lifestyle Business -- And How Do I Start One?

More and more boomers are leaving the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurial ventures that serve both lifestyle and financial needs

The fastest growing segment of new busines startups are small ventures owned by boomers who have decided to strike out on their own.  In his new book, "The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security," Mark Miller deals with this phenomenon and many other issues related to career and life transition.  Read more about lifestyle businesses and download a free chapter of Miller's book


From High Finance to Fagioli -- The Rewards of a Midlife Career Change

Tim and Colleen Sheerer chose family over fortune and have never regretted it.

A family medical crisis inspired Tim Sheerer to leave his lucrative position as a financial executive and return to his hometown to run a local Italian restuarant.  The transition was tough on the family and required plenty of hard work and sacrifice.  But the payoff was substantial. Read Tim and Colleen's Story.


Inside Out and Backwards

Two very different approaches to setting goals

Our blogger d'blank and his advisor, Coach Lou, explore different approaches to setting personal goals.  Should the process start from an internal exploration and evolve over time, or from a clear visualizaton of the future that gets built into a coherent plan and carefully executed?  Or maybe a little of both...?  Read More.


You Just Lost Your Job... Now What?

A guide to exective career transition -- Now Just $5.99

If you have recently lost your job and are in transition, or if you are just trying to get more control over your career, then this guide is for you.  Its 33 pages provide a highly focused and pragmatic strategy for executive change during a time of economic turmoil.  By Sheryl Spanier and Karen Otazo. To purchase, or for more information and reader reviews, click here..