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WhatsNext News: March 2, 2010

Featured content from the week of March 2

The Best Websites to Inspire An Encore Career

Career coach Lin Schreiber offers her top eight picks.

Do you want--or need--to continue working? Or are you set financially and just eager to donate your time, wisdom, experience and resources to a cause that you find worthy? Check out these website resources from career coach Lin Schreiber, author of the popular ABC's of Revolutionizing Retirement. Read More.


20 Ways to Brand Yourself on Facebook

Why job hunters should be scrubbing their profiles.

Hiring managers go way beyond resumes these days to check out job candidates--including Facebook. Phil Rosenberg, a social media guru specializing in career development, explains why it's critical for job hunters to scrub up their Facebook profiles--and how to get it done. Read more.


Is a Roth IRA Conversion Right for You?

Everyone is eligible to convert traditional IRAs to Roths under new federal rules.

2010 is the year of the Roth IRA conversion, with new federal law eliminating income limits for eligibility to convert traditional tax-deferred retirement savings. Mutual funds and financial advisers are marketing Roth conversions this year with gusto--and the advantages can be substantial. But a Roth isn't right for everyone, so check out our analysis of the pros and cons. Read more.


Featured Guide: Become a Social Entrepreneur

E-book alone or with CD-ROM 117 pages  $29.97 or $34.97

Do you feel inspired to use your talents to help others? Would you like to change the world, or change the lives of a group of people? Now may be the time to start doing work you believe in by becoming a social entrepreneur and starting your own nonprofit business. This guide can help you understand the basics—including the challenges—of starting a nonprofit. You’ll find tips on raising money, gaining tax-exempt status, recruiting volunteers and hunting for government grants. Download the guide now.