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WhatsNext News: March 22, 2010

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Life 3.0 -- The Blog 

Follow the unfolding story of "d'blank" as he charts a new course with the help of his friend and advisor, Coach Lou. 

d'blank:  "Every article or book on retirement says you must have a plan. I was committed to staying at my job until I had one. But then I began to see that I might be stuck at my desk at 75, still trying to come up with one.  Since life is so unpredictable, what is the point of agonizing over a plan? Why shouldn’t I just wing it?"  Coach Lou Responds:  "Your plan might be more about who you want to 'be' rather than what you want to 'do'...”  [Read more]

The Six Qualities of Successful Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs are individuals who come up with innovative solutions to society's most pressing problems.  Here's what makes them tick...

Meet Barbara Cervone and five other winners of the Purpose Prize, the award created by Civic Ventures to recognize the most interesting and important social innovators of the year. Life coach Lin Schrieber explores what these remarkable individuals did to earn this recognition, why they did it, and what qualities made them successful. [Read more] 


Before You Say, "I Quit!"

How to make a graceful exit and avoid burning bridges when you decide it's time to move on 

How you act on the decision to leave a job is critical to your professional reputation and long-term career success.  Anne Hull, President of Hull Strategies, provides useful tips and advice on how to make the separation as positive and productive and experience as it can be. [Read more]


Featured Guide: Become a Published Writer

E-book alone or with CD-ROM 285 pages  $14.97 or $19.97

How to become a published writer Whether you are a novice or already have been paid for your writing, this guide will give you valuable information to make publishing your writing both easier and more profitable. Author Sheila Seifert has sold more than 1,000 pieces of nonfiction, fiction and poetry as a free-lance writer. As a university instructor, she has taught creative writing, composition and magazine writing, and she is a sought-after speaker for writers conferences.  [Download it now].