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The Importance of Learning New Career Skills for Building a Career You Love

Being able to learn new skills quickly has always been useful. But, increasingly, it has become a necessity. In this essay, I’d like to outline some of the evidence that the economy is shifting in ways that are going to make being able to teach yourself hard skills an imperative. I’d like to argue why developing a skills-based perspective towards your career is the key to fulfillment and satisfaction. Finally, I’d like to tell you how you can develop the ability to learn hard things faster.

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What You Need to Know About the Self-Assessment Myth

In this article, we'll explore the myths around self-assessments. You'll learn what's useful and what's not to help guide you on a career path.  Why Do a Self-Assessment? Anytime you learn about yourself and become

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6 Mistakes Midlife Entrepreneurs Must Avoid To Increase Chances of Success

Stack the Cards in Your Favor by Knowing these Common Mistakes This post is about the six mistakes solopreneurs and entrepreneurs must avoid. Despite the common wisdom, they continue to be ignored. Don’t be the

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How to Dramatically Strengthen Your Marriage, Friendships, and Relationships

Language is generative, meaning that what we say and how we say it, literally creates our world. Our words have the power to destroy our marriages, friendships and relationships.

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Living Like You Mean It: The Existential Life

To be fully alive, your search for personal meaning must be never-ending    John Tsilimparis   John Tsilimparis, a regular therapist on the A&E TV show, “Obsessed,” says that to be fully alive, each person’s

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