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Purpose: The Foundation of Motivation (Part Four)

Technically speaking, Purpose is not considered a Motive per se. We would argue that It's a sustained life of motivation and have included it as a foundation of motivation. One of the most potent examples

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Connection: The Foundation of Motivation (Part Three)

Critical parts you need to know to determine what will motivate you In this post, we're going to explore how Connection or Relatedness is the third pillar of Motivation and how it ties into the

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Mastery: The Foundation of Motivation (Part Two)

Discover how mastery is a critical part of motivation. In this post we’ll cover how and why Mastery (sometimes called Competence) is an essential element in Motivation. We’ll describe the 5 keys on the path

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Autonomy: The Foundation of Motivation (Part One)

Discover the critical parts you need to know to determine what will motivate you. The foundation of motivation begins with Autonomy... Let's face it; nobody does anything without motivation. Scientists, psychologists, and philosophers have been

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The Importance of Learning New Career Skills for Building a Career You Love

Being able to learn new skills quickly has always been useful. But, increasingly, it has become a necessity. In this essay, I’d like to outline some of the evidence that the economy is shifting in ways that are going to make being able to teach yourself hard skills an imperative. I’d like to argue why developing a skills-based perspective towards your career is the key to fulfillment and satisfaction. Finally, I’d like to tell you how you can develop the ability to learn hard things faster.

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What You Need to Know About the Self-Assessment Myth

In this article, we'll explore the myths around self-assessments. You'll learn what's useful and what's not to help guide you on a career path.  Why Do a Self-Assessment? Anytime you learn about yourself and become

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