Ask the Advisor


Career Change Advice


How does a 55-year-old find his passion?

What are the most popular dream jobs?

How can I find a career that relates to my passions?

What is the best way to identify careers in different fields that would share many of the characteristics of my past job description?

When is it time to go?

Where do I start?

How can I overcome my fears?

How many times will I change careers?

Am I too old to reinvent myself?

What can I do to test my aptitude for a new career?

Hiring a Coach


What is coaching?

Can anyone be a professional life coach?

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Is coaching best done in person, or can it be done over the phone?

How should I select a professional life coach?

How long does a typical relationship with a coach last?

How much does coaching cost?

What are the keys to having a successful coaching experience?

How is coaching different from therapy, consulting or mentoring?

What factors should I consider before hiring a career coach?

Life Planning


What is life planning?



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