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The ONE Question You Need to Ask Yourself to Avoid Being a Zombie

By | 2018-06-08T02:51:42+00:00 June 8th, 2018|Career Change, Purposeful Living, Self-Assessment|

This question can help you avoid wasting years of your precious life that you can never get back If you feel stuck in your life or job and want to make a change but are fearful of making a mistake, then this post is for you. This ONE question might help you clarify what is

How to Be a Star at Work with this One Proven Strategy

By | 2018-05-14T04:38:16+00:00 May 14th, 2018|Career Change, Connection, Entrepreneurship, Purposeful Living, Retirement, Self-Assessment|

Leave the whine country I have seen this lesson work wonders on the first day I learned it. It is so simple and obvious as many profound ideas are. The bad news is that people who are unaware of this strategy will drive you crazy. This is a very short post but is packed with

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying and What We Can Learn from Them

By | 2018-05-14T04:35:28+00:00 May 14th, 2018|Career Change, Connection, Entrepreneurship, Purposeful Living, Retirement|

Minimize regrets at the end of your life In this post, I'm going to take on a weighty subject that most people don't want to face and that is the fact of our mortality. Michael A. Singer says, "why are people worried about dying? You are going to die, it's a fact so why worry

7 Startling Reasons Why You’re Unhappy and What You Can Do About It

By | 2018-04-18T14:57:16+00:00 April 18th, 2018|Career Change, Purposeful Living, Self-Assessment|

Awareness is the Key In this post, we'll explore seven reasons why so many people are unhappy and unfulfilled in today's world. Imagine you are driving your car and it just isn't working right. The wheel is pulling to the left, the engine is making a strange sound, and there's some power lacking. You can

Save Half a Million Dollars by Using This Strategy to Lead You to Fulfilling Work

By | 2018-03-23T03:41:05+00:00 March 23rd, 2018|Career Change, Purposeful Living, Self-Assessment|

Knowing your motives and your basic nature are the keys to finding fulfilling work In this post, we’re going to explore the correlation between a person’s motives and their basic nature and how that can be a huge insight into finding work you love and avoiding time wasted and incurring the chains of student debt.

The Jedi is Wrong – May the Force NOT Be with You

By | 2018-03-09T10:05:36+00:00 March 8th, 2018|Career Change, Purposeful Living|

Force is draining your motivation and you don’t even know it. The seemingly current worldview is that the way to make things happen is by force. Force comes in many forms. Manipulation by social media, psychological force, economic force, physical force, unethical marketing force and so on. I’m suggesting that force is not the way

Purpose: The Foundation of Motivation (Part Four)

By | 2018-03-05T04:07:26+00:00 March 5th, 2018|Career Change, Purposeful Living, Self-Assessment|

Technically speaking, Purpose is not considered a Motive per se. We would argue that It's a sustained life of motivation and have included it as a foundation of motivation. One of the most potent examples of Purpose is Viktor Frankl's horrific experiences in four Nazi Concentration camps. His purpose was what kept him motivated. I’ll do

Connection: The Foundation of Motivation (Part Three)

By | 2018-02-22T13:34:06+00:00 February 22nd, 2018|Career Change, Entrepreneurship, Self-Assessment|

Critical parts you need to know to determine what will motivate you In this post, we're going to explore how Connection or Relatedness is the third pillar of Motivation and how it ties into the previous two of Autonomy and Mastery. Studies show that people high in Autonomy and Connection experience higher quality interactions with

Mastery: The Foundation of Motivation (Part Two)

By | 2018-02-15T09:31:49+00:00 February 15th, 2018|Career Change, Purposeful Living, Self-Assessment|

Discover how mastery is a critical part of motivation. In this post we’ll cover how and why Mastery (sometimes called Competence) is an essential element in Motivation. We’ll describe the 5 keys on the path to Mastery and you’ll understand how that builds our sense of Autonomy. Years ago, in Monterey California, I went to