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Postcard From Charlotte: 6 Steps To A Successful Second Career

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Nothing inspires people more than the story of a successful second act   It’s fun to motivate people, to see the wheels spinning in their heads, and eyes light up when they start talking about what they’ve always wanted to do, and how they’d love to find a way to take the dive into a

30 Great Cities To Restart Your Career

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Expert Advice On Careers and Personal Finance Changing careers is all the rage these days. People are screwing up the courage to finally try something they've always felt a burning desire to do—often because they're facing a startling fact of life: their job is toast. Here's my optimist's pitch: If you've lost a job, have

Career Change: A Guide to Finding Your Passion

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Seven Common Sense Steps To Finding a Career You Love   The following is an excerpt from What's Next? Follow Your Passions and Find Your Dream Job by Kerry Hannon    Find a place to start.  You don’t need a precise definition before you get going. Start by making a list of what you do know you want

Five Things to Contemplate Before Making a Major Career Change

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Midlife career change involves emotional as well as professional challenges. Here are some key issues to be aware of.   The following is an excerpt from What's Next? Follow Your Passions and Find Your Dream Job by Kerry Hannon          Marketing 101. How good are you at selling yourself? Really? This is a key ingredient

From High Finance to Fagioli

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Quitting a $500,000 a year Wall Street career to run your own Italian restaurant. Priceless. The following is an excerpt from What's Next? Follow Your Passions and Find Your Dream Job by Kerry Hannon  Tim and Colleen Sheerer   It’s a sunny Sunday in September, and Tim Sheerer is not on the golf course with his

How to Finance Your Mid-Career Transition

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Before plunging into a new career, it pays to make a financial plan that will allow you to stick with your goals. Kerry Hannon; photo by Elizabeth Dranitzke You've spent more than 20 years in one field—say, banking, law, or sales. You've dutifully built up equity in your home, saved a tidy sum for your

Online Financial Calculators: Hit and Miss

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Retirement calculators can be a great place to start roughing out your plans, but take the results with a grain of salt. Kerry Hannon; photo by Elizabeth Dranitzke When you tap into Fidelity Investments' myPlan Snapshot, an online retirement planning calculator, and finally get down to the fine print, it warns: "This model calculator provides

6 Tips For Planning a Second Career

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Moving into a new field later in life can be fulfilling. Here are six essential steps to making a successful transition...   A New York investment banker becomes a small-town chef. A techie turns acupuncturist. An entrenched corporate exec accepts an early retirement package and converts to the ministry. Longer life spans, concerns about outliving