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career change dennis blank Sep 09, 2010
Warren Ohio

by Dennis Blank

photo via pixabay

Fun in Warren

Dear Coach Lou:   Well, the pace is picking up. I got back from Warren yesterday and leave for Florida tomorrow. I was heartened by your view last time that I'm making some kind of Life 3.0 progress as I ping-pong from place to place. There does seem to be some kind of logic to it all, although I'd be hard pressed to describe it.

My four days in Warren (plus a day in Erie, PA and another at Geneva-on-the-Lake) were a whirlwind of mostly fun. We both know Warren has seen better times, but there are still a lot of good things happening there. Gaga, Michele and I went to the new amphitheater downtown by the river and watched the faux Eagles perform. This was a tribute band of guys you never heard of playing only Eagles music. There were a lot of jokes before the show, but they were good musicians and they were faithful to their heroes' music. It was a beautiful evening; there was beer for sale, and about 3000 people of all ages on hand for the festivities. It occurred to me watching the crowd that most of the people there will never have the chance to see the real Eagles (they're back) so what's wrong with enjoying a beautiful summer evening with music you love?

I missed the Hot Dog Shoppe this trip, but had pizza at Sunrise and chicken at the Buena Vista after Tom and Gary and I attended the Harding game Friday night. The crowd was a little small but they won big. More importantly, I saw lots of friends and family on this trip.

Finally, I got in some more excellent back-road driving starting with PA route 18 from Erie to Sharon. But the best was OH 534 from Warren to Geneva through Amish country. Mile after mile of beautiful and perfectly tended little farms, homes, barns, fields of corn and beans, flowers and healthy, handsome animals. It was Sunday so I also saw lots of families riding their buggies to church and visits to friends and families. On the town green in Mesopotamia, Amish kids played volleyball and touch football. I saw two boys in traditional garb, including big straw hats, roller-blading under a spectacular late-summer sky dotted with puffy white clouds. It's so ironic that this pastoral route ultimately leads to the honky-tonk destination that is Geneva. But that was fun too.

So summer is over and I need to get back to a slightly more productive routine. I should be in Florida by Sunday and I hope to get to work on some Daily Blank posts as quickly as possible. I miss the interaction with my readers, but I sure enjoyed my summer vacation.

Your pal,


Dear d'

Your words and the pictures you sent certainly invoked some lovely memories for me. Sunrise pizza, hot dogs, donuts, G-on-the-L, Harding football games (even Warren is lovely in the Fall), the (faux) Eagles and of course, the Amish. I can't tell you how many times I drove those roads and passed those buggies. Thanks for taking us along on your summer vacation.

It is interesting that you highlight the Amish lifestyle. Someone told me recently that in light of the changes in the economy, this clan has risen to a new status. They are being studied, and admired, for their ability to live in a currency based, technological world, with such detachment yet abundance. There is a perspective we can take on witnessing the Amish as they steadfastly focus on what is important to them and live simply. How possible would it be for us to re-connect to those values, without totally disconnecting from our modern lives? Sounds like a challenge for Life 3.0.

So as you find your way back to Florida, take these experiences and thoughts with you. What is it that you cherished in the simple time of your life and what excites you in the contemporary world? Do I think you can blend and have both? Yes, I do, but more importantly, do you? How will you do that? I can assure you, you won't be shunned for trying!

And please don't think I am shunning you for the next three weeks. I am off to Europe for a much needed vacation. With any luck, I will be able to share my adventures as beautifully as you have. I return October 8, so until then...Ciao!

Coach Lou

Coach Lou is a co-founder of Chain Reaction Partners, an executive coaching and leadership training consultancy in Boulder, Colorado.  d'blank is the author of The Daily Blank blog.


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