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Fear-Finding Community Forum

Overcome self-doubt, insecurity, imposter syndrome, or any other fear-based thinking that’s getting in your way

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Is Fear-Based Thinking Holding You Back?

Fear-based thinking can keep you stuck in patterns and behaviors that do not serve you and that create obstacles and roadblocks to courageous living. An important first step in working through such thought patterns is being able to identify and unpack them. But it isn’t always easy. In fact, many people that are held back by fear have an exceedingly difficult time articulating what those fears are.
In this community forum, you will be invited to share challenges and struggles you may be facing with self-doubt, insecurity, imposter syndrome, or any other fear-based thinking that’s getting in your way. The group will offer participants an environment of support, respect, and confidentiality where they can openly share as well as listen to others’ stories, insights and feedback.

We will facilitate productive, validating discussions around participant’s concerns and normalize the conversation around fear by encouraging honesty, active listening and mutual support. In the process, participants may also find raised awareness with respect to the root causes of these thoughts, an important part of the process of understanding and moving through fear-based thinking.

The community is not intended as a “fix” or “solution” to individual problems, but rather as an opportunity to share challenges and brainstorm while identifying roadblocks and problematic thought patterns. For anyone struggling with feeling trapped, “’frozen” or uncertain on how to move toward on a more courageous path, this group can help shed light on what’s holding you back while you’re being bolstered with kindness and empathy by a community of Fear Finders.

Why Should You Care?

Especially during these trying and turbulent times, when many of us are feeling isolated and uncertain, this group setting will offer a place to share, discuss, and troubleshoot in an environment of respect, compassion and solidarity.

As humans, we are constantly attaching meaning to our thoughts and experiences. When it comes to fear-based thinking, these narratives can take us down rabbit holes of negativity and self-doubt. Sharing struggles within a trusted group dynamic allows participants to feel supported and heard while making space for others to do the same. We can then “air out” those narratives and gain insights from others who may be experiencing similar challenges and/or gain valuable perspective from those facing entirely different ones.

How it Works and What You'll Get


We will meet on a Zoom call twice a month.


Meeting days are the first and third Wednesday at 11am EST.


Participants in need of more intensive discussion and coaching will be given the opportunity to book separate sessions with the facilitator for an additional charge (see the one-on-one coaching packages).

What You'll Gain

You will become part of a trusted community where you can openly and confidentially discuss fear-based thoughts, behaviors and challenges that may be holding you back.

You will have the opportunity to dig into your own fear journey and perhaps better articulate what’s keeping you stuck.

You will hold space for other participants and offer support and encouragement as they do the same.

You will help to normalize the conversation around fear and fear-based thinking and foster communication and exploration for yourself and for other participants.

...and much more

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Nancy’s PURPOSE: To help people change their relationship with fear so they can feel better in their skin and build a courageous path forward.

Nancy Burger

Deep dive interview with Nancy:

Specializes in: Fear, Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Dynamics, Communication

A veteran writer and author, Nancy applies her mastery of language and communication to helping people better understand how fear manifests in their lives and how embracing and understanding it -- rather than fighting it -- can lead to positive, sustainable change. Founder of The Fear Finding Project, Nancy lectures and leads workshops on the power of inner dialogue and teaches tools and strategies on how to deconstruct and reframe fear-based thoughts.

Her working premise is that "fearlessness is a fallacy. Only by shedding light on our fears can we build a path toward courageous living."

Nancy’s teaching integrates her extensive professional experience in banking, finance and writing with her personal path of creativity and a fascination with human psychology. She focuses on how we show up in the world and co-create relationship dynamics, including our relationship with self. Her evidence-based approach triggers curiosity, exploration and discovery while fostering empowerment and increased emotional intelligence, all essential building blocks for courageous living.

Over a decade ago, Nancy’s personal “Fear Journey” led to a pivotal and profound curiosity in the neuroscience of fear and the ways in which the human brain processes and responds to it. She has integrated this research into her work in a user-friendly, practical and accessible way that resonates with audiences and clients alike. An expert at boiling down complex ideas and normalizing sensitive topics, Nancy teaches how understanding and enlightening our fears can get us “unstuck” and lead us on a path toward self-acceptance and empowerment.

Born and raised in the U.S., Nancy currently resides in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Nancy's PURPOSE: To help people change their relationship with fear so they can feel better in their skin and build a courageous path forward.

Professional Credentials:

  • BA Economics and Italian, SUNY Albany (Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Epsilon)
  • 25+ year veteran writer and editor
  • Decade of banking and finance experience
  • Financial blogger
  • Founder of The Fear Finding Project
  • Co-Founder of digital magazine Sanctuary
  • Author of A Special Kind of Brain: Living with Nonverbal Learning Disorder

What people are saying about Nancy

“Nancy’s messaging around fear has been extremely helpful in allowing me to reduce the intimidation around fears and approach them head on with the understanding that they can become a launch pad into more creative and constructive personal growth. Her clear-cut, step-by-step guidance around having hard conversations has supported me through several challenging and sensitive situations I’ve worked through."

Donna S.
- Donna S.

“Nancy was a gift for the Sip Session audience. She led a conversation about the topic of fear that had all attendees spellbound by their own discoveries provoked by her gentle, but structured approach to a challenging topic. Even months later, attendees still reference her session.”

Brent R.
- Brent R.

"Nancy’s guidance and insight on the nature of fear and how it manifests in our lives has helped me better understand my own experience and behavior. She offers powerful, actionable strategies that I use often, and her talks are engaging and easy to follow. Nancy is authentic and very personable, so you feel connected to her immediately. It never feels like a lecture or like you are reading a manual.... but rather like talking with someone you have known and trusted. My favorite new tool is now ‘manifesting positive outcomes.’ Thanks Nancy!”

Monika S.
- Monika S.

What's Included

Fear-Finding Community Forum
PDF with Welcome Guidelines
Facilitated Bi-Monthly Live Group Calls via Zoom(60 minutes each)

No Risk. Cancel Anytime.

Don't Feel Comfortable in a Group Setting?

If you don’t feel comfortable in a group setting and would rather engage in one-on-one coaching, this may be a good option for you.

Individual coaching sessions offer a more intimate and focused discussion about the ways you may be feeling off-kilter or stuck in fear-based thinking patterns. Your coach will guide you toward self-exploration and increased awareness with the goal of identifying deeply rooted patterns and thought processes.

These are not intended to be prescriptive or forced discussions, but rather guided journeys of discovery and learning that can raise your awareness. In the process, you can uncover patterns that you may not even realize exist, but that can significantly impact how you conduct your relationships, both with others and with yourself.

Benefits of One-on-One Coaching

Privacy and confidentiality. For some, sharing deeply rooted fears in a group setting feels uncomfortable and invasive.

The coach will be able to offer suggestions and strategies that are tailored to your particular situation.

Fear-Finding: One-on-One Coaching Package Fear-Finding: One-on-One Coaching Package Fear-Finding: One-on-One Coaching Package
One-on-One Zoom Coaching(50 minutes each) 1 3 6


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No Risk. All Coaching Packages are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

Questions & Answers

Fear-Finding Community Forum

Anyone who feels stuck and alone in their fear-based thoughts, challenges or behaviors and in need of a channel for expressing and brainstorming with others.

You can cancel your subscription to the Fear Finding Community Forum anytime and receive a pro-rated refund for the month in which you cancel.

Every participant will be required to sign a statement of confidentiality to ensure that discussions within the Zoom group are open and honest.

No one will be singled out or pressured to share if they feel uncomfortable doing so.

If you don’t feel comfortable in a group setting, consider the one-on-one coaching packages.

You will pay the first month’s subscription fee upon registration and be charged on a monthly basis thereafter.

The F.E.A.R. Formula: One-on-One Coaching

Anyone who feels stuck and alone in their fear-based thoughts, challenges or behaviors, struggling with feeling trapped, “’frozen” or uncertain how to move toward more courageous living.

YES! One of our core company values is to "deliver what is promised".

So, our guarantee is simple: If for any reason, within the first 30 days, you’re not satisfied with your coaching package we’ll issue a prompt and full refund. There’s only ONE condition: Please show us that you completed the work required during those 30 days and tell us the main reason you weren’t happy, so we have a chance to improve.