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Interviewing and Networking Mastery

Interviews land you the job and in todays’ market, effectively communicating your strengths and value to an employer ensures you stand out from the crowd, particularly in video and telephone calls.

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Gain the advantage

Networking and interviews are the critical action moments in your job search. They are the conversations where you build common ground and trust with the people you want to hire you. And remember, 80% or more of jobs are found through networking.

Getting comfortable and confident

Networking lands you the Interview. The Interview lands you the Job. Don’t you want to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in these critical conversations?

The good news is that only a small percentage of people make the investment to be properly prepared. If you invest in yourself, this becomes your competitive advantage.

Interviewing and networking well is a skill. It's not usually something you are born with. Asking for more pay or being questioned about uncomfortable topics can trigger all kinds of confusing emotions. Questions like: Tell me about your pandemic self. What are your salary expectations? What would your greatest challenge be in this role?

Practicing your best responses, together with your coach and other professionals, builds in an all-important feedback loop, and your ability to think on your feet in networking and interview situations. Spend less time feeling rejected and more time creating positive wins in your search.

How it Works and What You'll Get


Your process begins with an online introductory assessment to provide more information regarding your interview and networking prep needs.


For 1 on 1 packages, you will have an intake call to connect with your Career Coach, review your assessment responses and a confidentiality agreement, and schedule your coaching and group session(s) preferred date/times (according to your package).


For 1 on 1 packages, you will take the MotivationFinder™ self-assessment to help you highlight personal preferences and challenge areas.


You will meet with your coach via a confidential Zoom line.


You will receive guides and worksheets to deepen your learning.


A one-week interval between each session is the general recommendation. It may be more or less frequent based on your personal preference and availability.


You may reach out via email for up to 30 days with any additional concerns or questions that arise.

What You'll Gain

You will practice and polish your presentation in a safe and positive environment.

You will hone your personal style and, through feedback and practice, you will raise your confidence level. Authentic confidence is one of the most attractive qualities to display in an interview or networking conversation.

You will learn how to target your responses and ask questions that align with any specific networking/interview situation.

You will understand the best ways to communicate using text, email, phone, video, and in-person communication in networking and interview situations.

You will understand the dos and don’ts of body language, video, virtual, phone or even in person interview techniques – all with your personal style in mind.

You will learn about different interview approaches including behavioral, culture-fit, panel, case interviews and technical testing depending on your target market.

You will develop your story telling skills to engage in a meaningful way and be memorable. Being a good storyteller is a life, as well as a job search skill.

You will improve your job search communication skills through professional feedback and practice.

...and much more

Meet Your Coach

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Martina’s PURPOSE: Helping people achieve work life satisfaction with prep, practice, and presence so they can live fully and feel inspired, energized and confident.

Martina Payette

Deep dive interview with Martina:

Specializes in: Communications for Career Change, Job Search and Entrepreneurship including Interviewing, Networking and Relationship Building

Martina is an Entrepreneurial and Career Coach, with 7 years experience as a successful entrepreneur and 25+ years career development experience. She has helped hundreds of Canadian and US professionals, from 30+ established and emerging industries, navigate career change with networking, interviewing and relationship building confidence.

Specializing in serving struggling entrepreneurs and mid to executive-level technical experts/leaders seeking to re-design their career paths, Martina’s coaching has helped hundreds of clients understand their communication style and reframe their fear and embarrassment of interviewing, networking and relationship building into positive action. Clients have reported feeling more confident, at ease, and successful as a result.

Martina is a gatherer, connector and relator of people, information and work-place trends. She has facilitated hundreds of hours of career transition networking, interviewing, and market research sessions over her career and particularly over the past 7 years as a consultant. She is known for her kind, well-paced coaching and facilitation style and ability to bring the lightness of self-awareness into the challenges of personal and career change and transformation.

Martina is based in Osoyoos, BC with an additional office in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Martina’s PURPOSE: Helping people achieve work life satisfaction with prep, practice, and presence so they can live fully and feel inspired, energized and confident.

Professional Credentials:

  • Certified Coach by ICF, PCC
  • Certified Ontological Coach by Newfield Network
  • Certified Coach in Body & Movement
  • Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) Training
  • BA in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Calgary

What people are saying about Martina

"Getting laid off during Covid19 was a difficult transition for me. When Martina stepped in, I was pretty frustrated with my lack of progress in my job search; I was not getting interviews or any feedback from prospective employers. Martina helped me get back on my feet and my head back in the game. As a career coach, Martina is goal-oriented, knowledgeable, and patient. I would highly recommend Martina to anyone looking to make a career transition."

Petar Lemajic
Petar Lemajic (Technical Product Manager)

"I was amazed at how Martina was able to help me find simple solutions to situations that I was struggling with. Her style is friendly, approachable, and warm. Her approach to coaching allowed me to identify fresh new ways to think about my life, and I still find myself reflecting on some of her questions when I hit a roadblock. If you're looking for ways to improve your personal and professional performance, I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Martina!"

Stephanie Warner
Stephanie Warner (Career Educator)

"Martina is an extraordinary coach: her clear methodology, encouragement and gentle sense of humour has given me the ability to project calm confidence when being interviewed, and a clear strategy for networking. Well done!"

Louise Jones
Louise Jones (Communications Consulting)

Pricing & Packages

Interview & Networking Mastery – Facilitated Group Coaching Interview & Networking Mastery – Quick & Easy Interview & Networking Mastery – Deep Dive
Online Introductory Assessment
Intake Session
(30-45 minutes)
Group Coaching Access
(120-minutes with 6 to 12 participants)
8 Sessions 3 Sessions 6 Sessions
Self-Assessment MotivationFinder™ with Free Life-Long Platform Access
Self-Assessment Review Deep Dive Coaching Session (60 minutes)
Industry/Position Targeting Coaching Session
(60 minutes)
1 Session 2 Sessions
Mock Networking Session
(60 minutes)
1 Session 2 Sessions
Mock Interview Session
(60 minutes)
1 Session 3 Sessions
Personalized Networking Coaching Guide
Personal Career Message Worksheet useful for Networking, Resume, LinkedIn & Interviews
Interview Best Practice Guide & Worksheet
30-Days of Post Package Email Availability





No Risk. All Coaching Packages are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee
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Our "We deliver what is promised" Guarantee:

One of our core company values is to "deliver what is promised".

So, our guarantee is simple: If for any reason, within the first 30 days, you’re not satisfied with your coaching package we’ll issue a prompt and full refund. There’s only ONE condition: Please show us that you completed the work required during those 30 days and tell us the main reason you weren’t happy, so we have a chance to improve.

Questions & Answers

Career Changers, Entrepreneurs, Job Seekers focused on seeking work in professional roles. Entry level to Senior Leaders.

When choosing a package consider your level of confidence in networking/interview situations and the ideal level you wish to achieve.

The higher your anxiety, number of barriers (language, education, years of experience, direct industry/position experience) and/or the complex decisions required in your target positions, the more practice time will help you learn, improve and get results from your networking and interviewing conversations.

YES! One of our core company values is to "deliver what is promised".

So, our guarantee is simple: If for any reason, within the first 30 days, you’re not satisfied with your coaching package we’ll issue a prompt and full refund. There’s only ONE condition: Please show us that you completed the work required during those 30 days and tell us the main reason you weren’t happy, so we have a chance to improve.

MotivationFinder™ is a user-friendly and scientifically validated self-assessment that helps you reach your full potential through the power of self-motivation. You will

  • discover your motivations, why you do the things you do,
  • learn what success truly means for YOU,
  • understand your career personality,
  • harness the power of your motives to achieve dream goals,
  • uncover your hidden and costly self-sabotaging behaviors,
  • learn what you need most from your relationships (in business and life) and how to communicate that,
  • see concrete proof of change.

This assessment is on its own platform and includes a full teaching course. You will have life-long free access to your results and can work with them at any point in your career.

  • As part of your job search, you will be networking and interviewing with a diverse group of people. Group sessions help you learn and practice with different people from different professions, in a low risk, positive environment. You will see how different people receive your message, allowing you to make choices for change and find a delivery style that will work best for you and others.
  • Group sessions are offered on a weekly basis with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 participants to ensure the best learning experience.
  • The session begins with a round table check-in to practice your professional introduction, and time permitting, receive feedback.
  • Calls may have a 10 to 15-minute best-practices presentation to address a specific topic or a facilitated discussion on topics brought forward by the participants. Depending on the participants needs, topic examples may include targeting your interview responses, answering tough questions as brought forward by the participants. For example: the salary question, what have you done to cope during the pandemic, what did you learn about yourself during times of isolation, what remote work skills have you learned, why should we hire you, etc.
  • A review of related interview approaches - behavior based, case, and panel interviews, etc. will be covered in one or more of the sessions as related questions arise.
  • A 10-minute break, to refresh and prepare.
  • Following the break, you will move into breakout sessions to have the opportunity to put your learning into practice. Generally, you will receive feedback on how your responses are received by others and positive suggestions on how you can improve your delivery.
  • Once in the breakout group, each group will have 1 to 3 prepared topic-related questions to choose from and practice. Each person will rotate through the role of speaker, listener, and witness.
  • The breakout groups will be returned to the large group to share learning, Q&A and wrap-up.

Providing 24 hour advanced notice is important to respect the time of the coach and the other participants. Your participation is important to the learning of the group as well as yourself. We ask for your commitment to a learning team, no different than a team in the workplace.

We recognize that life happens and sometimes cancelling is unavoidable. Arrangements may be made to attend at an alternative time in urgent/emergency situations only.

You will get a welcome email with a Calendly link where you can pick the days and times that work best for you. If the times listed do not work, you can contact your coach to schedule times that do.