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Nancy’s PURPOSE: To help people change their relationship with fear so they can feel better in their skin and build a courageous path forward.

Get to Know Nancy:

Nancy Burger

Deep dive interview with Nancy:

Specializes in: Fear, Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Dynamics, Communication

A veteran writer and author, Nancy applies her mastery of language and communication to helping people better understand how fear manifests in their lives and how embracing and understanding it -- rather than fighting it -- can lead to positive, sustainable change. Founder of The Fear Finding Project, Nancy lectures and leads workshops on the power of inner dialogue and teaches tools and strategies on how to deconstruct and reframe fear-based thoughts.

Her working premise is that "fearlessness is a fallacy. Only by shedding light on our fears can we build a path toward courageous living."

Nancy’s teaching integrates her extensive professional experience in banking, finance and writing with her personal path of creativity and a fascination with human psychology. She focuses on how we show up in the world and co-create relationship dynamics, including our relationship with self. Her evidence-based approach triggers curiosity, exploration and discovery while fostering empowerment and increased emotional intelligence, all essential building blocks for courageous living.

Over a decade ago, Nancy’s personal “Fear Journey” led to a pivotal and profound curiosity in the neuroscience of fear and the ways in which the human brain processes and responds to it. She has integrated this research into her work in a user-friendly, practical and accessible way that resonates with audiences and clients alike. An expert at boiling down complex ideas and normalizing sensitive topics, Nancy teaches how understanding and enlightening our fears can get us “unstuck” and lead us on a path toward self-acceptance and empowerment.

Born and raised in the U.S., Nancy currently resides in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Nancy's PURPOSE: To help people change their relationship with fear so they can feel better in their skin and build a courageous path forward.

Professional Credentials:

  • BA Economics and Italian, SUNY Albany (Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Epsilon)
  • 25+ year veteran writer and editor
  • Decade of banking and finance experience
  • Financial blogger
  • Founder of The Fear Finding Project
  • Co-Founder of digital magazine Sanctuary
  • Author of A Special Kind of Brain: Living with Nonverbal Learning Disorder

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