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Nicola’s PURPOSE: To connect people and their ideas to the world so they can create a life that matters.

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Nicola E. Vetter

Deep dive interview with Nicola:

Specializes in: Motivation, Purpose, Values, Introvision, Assessments, Leadership

As a serial entrepreneur, author and long-time certified coach, Nicola has one central purpose that guides everything she does; she wants people to feel connected -- to their work, to themselves, and to others.

Her core belief is that “the better you understand people, the better you do in business and life.”

Nicola has over 20 years of professional experience in the US and Europe as a business consultant, facilitator and coach with mid-size to large Fortune Global 500 organizations. She has led hundreds of successful workshops and seminars to address the human side of business and is known for using best practices in psychology and leadership for results that matter at the individual, team and organizational level.

It was while working on her Master thesis that she began to explore the concepts of meaning, purpose, and responsibility in the business context which led to her focus on leadership, human connection and cultural responsibility – the topic of her first published book.

Nicola is Co-Founder and Director of Communications at WhatsNext.com as well as Co-Founder and CEO at MotivationFinder.com. She is a certified expert in several self-assessments to measure and utilize motivation and the Co-Creator of MotivationFinder™, the only proven and scientifically validated self-assessment that helps people reach their full potential through self-motivation.

Born and raised in Germany, Nicola has worked and lived in several countries in Europe, the US and the Americas before settling in Denver, Colorado.

Nicola’s PURPOSE: To connect people and their ideas to the world so they can create a life that matters.

Professional Credentials:

  • Certified Business Coach by Dehner Academy
  • Certified Introvision Coach by Dehner Academy
  • Certified Ontological Coach by Newfield Network
  • Certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Certified in many different self-assessments like MBTI, MSA, MPA, Reiss Profile, Profiler of Personality
  • Certified in Cultural Transformation Tools 1+2 (about values)
  • Certified NLP Practitioner and Master
  • MA in Journalism, Politics and Psychology from the University of Mainz
  • Author of Ludwig Roselius. Ein Pionier der deutschen Öffentlichkeitsarbeit" (Translated: A Pioneer in German Public Relations)

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