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Peter’s PURPOSE: To help people discover their central purpose, do what they love and live a fulfilled life.

Get to Know Peter:

Peter R. Axtell

Deep dive interview with Peter:

Specializes in: Motivation, Purpose, Values, Introvision, Entrepreneurship

As a long-time trained coach with decades of experience in what triggers and motivates people Peter helps them find meaningful work and create purposeful careers, enabling them to be their best selves.

His core idea is “If you understand what makes you tick, then the things you try will start to click.”

As a serial entrepreneur at heart Peter was engaged in different areas like music, food manufacturing, consulting and real estate with over 30 years of sales experience. His unusual life experiences have provided a unique platform for working with professionals challenged with performance anxiety.

Peter is also the Co-Creator of four signature coaching methods – the North Star Process, the Midlife Reinvention Program, the Values Discovery, and the Driver Inventory as well as the scientifically validated self-assessment MotivationFinder™ that helps people reach their full potential through self-motivation.

Peter was born in the USA, has lived a good portion of his life in the UK, and is now based in Denver, USA.

Peter’s PURPOSE: To help people discover their central purpose, do what they love and live a fulfilled life.

Professional Credentials:

  • Certified Introvision Coach by Dehner Academy, Germany
  • Certified Ontological Coach by Newfield Network, USA
  • 20+ years of intense studies in Tibetan Buddhism
  • Music Studies at Sonoma State University & Santa Rosa Junior College

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Discover Your Purpose

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