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Smart Career Design and Job Search



Career self-assessment based on motivation, interests, and skills


AI-based career matching and exploration (1,000+ careers, 62,000+ occupations)


Career design and development + advanced job search

Introducing the first smart career design and job search platform built for individuals

Some bad news: The traditional career path is dead, and your future success, happiness and financial stability are now 100% in your hands.

You are on your own.

The good news: automatically and effortlessly:

  • reveals the secrets of your personal motivation structure -- what you want, need, and desire from your life and career
  • unleashes the power of artificial intelligence to match you to the career fields and occupations best for YOU
  • shows you the exact steps to take to level-up, future-proof, and develop your career

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Step 1:

Discover exactly what you need to thrive

Take our user-friendly and scientifically validated career self-assessment to discover your:

  • Complete Motivational Profile
  • Career Personality (Holland Career Code)
  • Skills and Abilities Inventory
  • Life and Career Satisfaction Level

We are the only career self-assessment based on the most critical factor to your success -- motivation.

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Step 2:

See the best career path for YOU

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Our AI-powered algorithm matches your self-assessment results with the best career fields and occupations for you. You'll see:

  • Salary & future outlook
  • Education & technology requirements
  • Knowledge, skills & abilities required
  • Detailed work activities & environment

Your personalized career field matches are linked to over 62k occupations and actual job openings.

Step 3:

Take complete control of your career is the only platform that provides career pathing to individuals. You'll get everything you need to:

  • Move your career up, sideways, or down
  • Change career paths without starting over
  • Future-proof, robot-proof, AI-proof your career
  • Demand the skills and experience you need
  • Know the exact next steps for your career

You'll also get access to the most advanced job search tool available, with over 50 criteria to choose from.

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Perfect for every point of your career

ready to learn
"I was terrified of making the wrong choice this early."

Ready to Learn

ready to develop
"I felt I was not getting the chances I deserved to grow."

Ready to Develop

ready to move up
"It seemed like I just stopped moving up."

Ready to Move-Up

ready to change
"I could barely drag myself out of bed each morning."

Ready to Change

ready to return
"I was afraid to try and work again after all that time."

Ready to Return

ready to work
"I'll be honest, I had many sleepless nights."

Ready to Work

ready for encore
"I refused to phase-out or fade-away."

Ready for Encore

ready to help
For parents, coaches, teachers, and guidance counsellors.

Ready to Help

The features of, built for you

Continually Updated

Our career, occupational and educational data is continually updated to make sure we are giving you the most accurate and fresh information available.

Lifetime Access

Our goal is to help and support you through every step of your career. For this reason, when you sign up to, you are granted lifetime access.

Secure and Private uses strong encryption and a secure product architecture to keep your data anonymous and safe. We are dedicated to your privacy.

Alerts & Notifications will automatically notify you, by email, of any major changes or opportunities related to your career paths or jobs.

Job Listing Centralization

Our platform is integrated with and linked to several job search websites giving you access to millions of job listings.

Works on Any Device is ultra-responsive and mobile-friendly and works on any device with an internet web browser – smart phone, tablet, Mac or PC.

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