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WhatsNext.com combines everything you need to find, create, and manage your career in a single platform -- career self-assessment, career matching and exploration, and career management and job search.

Here's a full feature list of everything WhatsNext.com can do for you.

Career Self-Assessment

Discover exactly what you need to thrive
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Complete Motivational Profile

Discover what motivates you and what you desire most. Your complete motivational profile includes personalized measurements for 18 Surface Motives, 36 Surface Desires, and 4 Deep Motives.

Career Personality / Interests (Holland Career Codes)

Discover the environments where you have the greatest chance to thrive, based on your Holland Career Code (aka your Career Personality based on your interests).

Current Life and Career Satisfaction Levels

Discover how satisfied or un-satisfied you are in your life and career right now through a measurement of your Foundational Needs -- Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness. Based on Self-Determination Theory.

Skills and Abilities Inventory

Take a quick survey and discover a complete list of your current skills and abilities.

Goal Dynamics

Discover how you go about achieving goals in the face of obstacles or setbacks by learning your personal Goal Dynamics.

Deep Dive into Your Results

Take a deep dive into your self-assessment results through video tutorials, courses, and reports and learn more about yourself and how to apply your results to your life, career, and relationships.

Career Matching / Exploration

See the best career path for YOU
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Complete List of Careers & Occupations that Match YOU

See and explore the exact careers (out of 1,000+) that match your individual career self-assessment results, and dig down into over 62,000 occupations.

Salary and Future Outlook/Demand

See detailed salary information as well the future prospects for a given career/occupation -- number of positions, increase/decrease in demand, and more.

Education and Technology Requirements

See the exact education and technology skill requirements for each career and occupation.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required

Review the exact knowledge, skills, and abilities required by a specific career.

Detailed Work Activities and Environments

Discover what a typical day looks like for a career/occupation -- the tasks, work activities, and the types of environments.

Career Design / Job Search

Take complete control of your career
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Where You Are on Your Current Career Path

See exactly where you are on your current career path and whether you are ahead, or behind, of where you want to be.

Alternate Career Paths You Might Be on

See alternative career paths you might on without knowing it based on your education, skills and abilities.

How to Move Your Career Up, Sideways, or Down

See every career path move available to you and the jobs you can search for/take to move your career up, sideways, or down.

How to Future-Proof, Robot-Proof, and AI-Proof Your Career

Stay up-to-date with cutting-edge trends in your career field and make sure you are keeping up with required skills and technologies.

Skills and Experiences You Need to Gain

Know exactly which skills and experiences to ask for in order to move your career forward.

Advanced, AI-based Job Search

Our AI-based job search matches your career self-assessment results and your career path choices with actual job openings and listings that you can apply for. We also offer an advanced job search tool where you can search for jobs based on over 50 different criteria.

The WhatsNext.com Platform

Modern, robust, and secure
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Continually Updated

Our career, occupational and educational data is continually updated to make sure we are giving you the most accurate and fresh information available.

Lifetime Access

Our goal is to help and support you through every step of your career. For this reason, when you sign up to WhatsNext.com, you are granted lifetime access.

Secure and Private

WhatsNext.com uses strong encryption and a secure product architecture to keep your data anonymous and safe. We are dedicated to your privacy.

Alerts & Notifications

WhatsNext.com will automatically notify you, by email, of any major changes or opportunities related to your career paths or jobs.

Job Listing Centralization

Our platform is integrated with and linked to several job search websites giving you access to millions of job listings.

Works on Any Device

WhatsNext.com is ultra-responsive and mobile-friendly and works on any device with an internet web browser – smart phone, tablet, Mac or PC.

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