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[Free LIVE Masterclass Webinar] Your Money or Your Life? How to Have Both in Your New Job!

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When your paradigm shifts from 'knowing what to do' to 'implementing what you know', success and money will take care of itself, with no compromise needed.

Suze believes that everyone can make money and run a business or have a job without sacrificing who they are and their wider purpose – and that’s why her current mission, when coaching people, is to create a world where everyone can live to their full potential and have harmony on all levels of their life.

In our Masterclass she will show you what first steps to take towards a successful life on both levels.

Join Suze Maclaine Pont, Thursday, October 17th at 2 PM EST for Your Money or Your Life? How to Have Both in Your New Job!

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[Replay] Career Change Begins with Knowing Thyself

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We have all heard people say, in frustration and exasperation “that’s it, I quit, I hate this job, I am going to do something different”. When I hear these types of statements two coaching questions immediately jump to mind:

  1. What is the “something different”?
  2. How will you know if the “something different” will be the right career move for you?

In this webinar you will learn why “knowing thy self” is such a crucial part of any career change process. Many people actually miss out or ignore career (job) opportunities that they could be because of their own blind spots.

We all have blind spots about our strengths and capapbility and this inability to “see” has the potential to limit our career opportunities AND the capacity to keep funnelling down a career path that we are not suited to.

Rob will walk you through the process that he uses to help his clients understand themselves and talk about client case studies about how recognising their blind spot totally transformed their job search and lead to them identifying their “best fit” job role.

Join Robert Cugno, the founder of FutureU Coaching for Career Change Begins with Knowing Thyself

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[Replay] Dead on Delivery: 7 Resume Flaws You Must Avoid

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  • Are you not getting the interviews you want in your job hunt?
  • Are you applying for open positions but keep getting passed over for jobs for which you should be a slam-dunk candidate?
  • Are you sharing your resume with recruiters but can't get them interested in you?

The problem may be your resume.

Join Certified Master Resume Writer Cheryl Lynch Simpson for Dead-on-Delivery: 7 Resume Flaws You Must Avoid

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