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High School & College Students

"I was terrified of making the wrong choice this early."
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Entry-Level / Just Starting Out

"I had no idea where to even start."
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Career Advancers

"It seemed like I just stopped moving forward."
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Career Changers

"I could barely drag myself out of bed each morning."
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Transitioning Service Members

"I wasn't sure I would be useful to anyone."
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Back to Work

"I was afraid to try and work again after all that time."
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Unemployed / Laid-Off

"I'll be honest, I had many sleepless nights."
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Encore Careers

"I refuse to phase-out or fade-away."
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  • Scientifically validated career assessment
  • Instant & personalized career path advice
  • SMART job search (AI on your side)

WHY WhatsNext.com?

Welcome to the only career platform that gives you everything you need to find and advance your path



Discover the careers where you have the best chance to thrive and succeed



Reveal the exact steps you need to take to move your career in the direction you want



Connect who you are and what you want most to your job search

Discover the career paths meant for you

Career Matching and Discovery

Validated Career Assessments

Four scientifically validated career assessments that reveal your interests, motives, desires, skills, and work values.

1000+ Detailed Career Profiles

Comprehensive details on over 1000 careers -- including salary, future outlook, work activities, and much more.

Personalized Career & Education Matching

See the careers and education paths that match your individual assessment results.

See what's possible and navigate career moves with confidence

Career Pathing and Advancement

Career Path Mapping

Map out multiple career path possibilities, reveal skill gaps, and take control of your career.

Instant and Personalized Career Path Advice

Know the exact next steps to take to move your career in the direction you want to take it.

Alternate Career Paths

Reveal alternate career paths you might be on but don't realize (based on your skills, experience, and education).

WhatsNext.com provides the only career pathing and advancement solution built for individuals.

Imagine the power of AI on your side

SMART Job Search and Matching

Deep job search

Search for jobs not just by title, location, and salary, but by your individual traits, needs, and wants

Deep job matching

See the job openings that you are best suited for and where you have the best chance of success

Job Search Automation

Our AI-powered job search is constantly looking for the next big job opportunity for you

How It Works

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01. Figure out who you are

Discover your motivations, desires, and career personality through our user-friendly and scientifically validated self-assessment.

WhatsNext.com is the only career platform available with a personality assessment that measures what motivates and drives you

02. Figure out what you want

See the exact career fields and occupations that match your self-assessment results. Explore careers on salary, outlook, skills, and much more.

WhatsNext.com is the only career platform that offers career pathing and planning for individuals

03. See how to get there

Get everything you need to manage and develop your chosen career path, including actual job openings. Search for jobs using over 50 criteria.

WhatsNext.com is the only career platform that puts AI on your side

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  • validated career assessment
  • instant & personalized career path advice
  • SMART job search (AI on your side)