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Does Your Job Search Have You Feeling Stressed-Out or Hopeless?

We understand how frustrating and stressful searching for a job can be.

It’s hard not to tie your job search to your self-worth, and it’s easy to fall into a rut of hopelessness and anxiety. Job search depression is a real thing, and it can lead to exhaustion and burnout.

"Impossible Job Search Problems" are problems that virtually every job seeker faces at one point or another throughout their lives and career.

And what’s more, these problems are often unfair and unjust, but they do exist, whether we admit it or not.

This FREE Video Guide will walk you through step-by-step solutions for navigating through these problems.

Here are the 7 Impossible Job Search Problems you'll get step-by-step solutions for:

  • Problem 1: You Need Experience to Get a Job / You Need a Job to Get Experience
  • Problem 2: One Out of 300 Applicants (aka "Beat the Algorithm")
  • Problem 3: Ghosted After the Interview
  • Problem 4: You Need a Job to Get a Job (aka "The Resume Gap")
  • Problem 5: 50 Plus
  • Problem 6: You're Overqualified
  • Problem 7: Discrimination is Real

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Learn proven, step-by-step strategies and solutions to help you break through 7 impossible job search problems.

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Break through the confusion, hopelessness, and stress of searching for a job with clarity and hope.

Meet Nicola Vetter

Nicola's North Star: To connect people and their ideas to the world so they can create a life that matters.

Hi, I'm Nicola, and my goal is to help you find deep connection, first with yourself, with your authentic self, and then to help you find ways to connect to the real world and with others. My life’s obsession with connection has led me through many twists and turns that has brought you and I together today, and to the creation of the inside-out career design process, which is founded on the idea of connecting who you truly are with what you are doing in a feasible way.


Meet Peter Axtell

Peter's North Star: To help people discover their central purpose, do what they love and live a fulfilled life.

Hi, I'm Peter, and my goal is to help you answer a single question: Is it possible to live a meaningful, purpose-driven life AND have a successful career? I've dedicated my life - literally every bit of time, money, and resources I've had over the past decade to figuring this out. And it's this obsession that has brought you and I together today, and to the creation of the inside-out career design process, which is the key to finding meaning and success.



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