Older Entrepreneurs Target Peers

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Many older business owners are finding success by targeting their own age group [From the Wall Street Journal] Feeling that no one else understand their particular needs, an increasing number of retired or semi-retired entrepreneurs are developing businesses that relate specifically to the needs of older Americans.  Profiled in the piece are Art Koff, founder

Five Tips for Freelance Success

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Looking back on twelve years of freelancing, here are five key rules I’ve used that have helped me to be successful. One of my early reinventions came when I made the leap from full-time employee to freelance marketing copywriter. For me, the transition was pretty smooth, and I have been fortunate enough to make a

101 Weird Ways to Make Money

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Steve Gillman is not as weird as the entrepreneurial ideas in his book; in fact, he offers some very good and savvy advice. In his many years of surveying the business landscape around him, he has realized that there are lots of companies out there that compete in overcrowded markets. His solution: to find the