How to Sell Your Startup Business

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John Warrillow explains how to make sure that your startup business sells for the best price possible J. Warrillow     How can you create a company that will sell to an enthusiastic buyer for a gazillion dollars? In his blog on, Tim Ferriss calls upon John Warrillow, a successful startup veteran,

A New Definition of Entrepreneurship

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"Go It Alone” by Bruce Judson provides a new definition of entrepreneurship for solo entrepreneurs and lays out 10 principles for entrepreneurial success   Bruce Judson, a serial entrepreneur and a faculty member at Yale’s Graduate School of Management, has written a compelling guidebook for what he defines as the Go-It-Alone entrepreneur.  In the book,

Looking for New Business Ideas? Try This Approach

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Serial entrepreneur Noah Kagan provides a series of insightful tips for identifying potential new business ideas Unable to get your great business idea off the ground? Tim Ferriss now says that there is a simple set of steps to test whether your idea will fly, and it takes just one weekend to do it.  Ferris

From High Finance to Fagioli

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Quitting a $500,000 a year Wall Street career to run your own Italian restaurant. Priceless. The following is an excerpt from What's Next? Follow Your Passions and Find Your Dream Job by Kerry Hannon  Tim and Colleen Sheerer   It’s a sunny Sunday in September, and Tim Sheerer is not on the golf course with his

The 10 Most Important Success Factors for 50+ Entrepreneurs

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Feeling the urge to start your own business? Here are the key success factors to consider before jumping in. Jeff Williams     It’s obvious that there’s a substantial amount of entrepreneurial energy among older boomers. That’s why Americans age 55 and up are the fastest-growing group of new business owners in the

Owning a Small Business: From Fortune 500 to the Fish Market

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Buying a small business meant a loss of status and income for John Harvey, but it also brought him freedom and a fuller life. When John Harvey was a senior vice president at American Express, he never imagined he’d find himself the owner of Freeman’s Fish Market in Maplewood, N.J. But as it turns out,

Buying a Business: A Banker Buys a Zoo

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George Oldenburg gave up a successful banking career at 45 to buy a small-town animal farm.   Owning a business can mean longer   hours than you’d ever imagined   working, but suddenly that’s more   than okay. There’s a new calculus   when you’re doing something you love. George Oldenburg always said that the best job he ever had

From Mergers to Mantras: Opening a Yoga Studio

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Nobody likes losing his job. But for those willing to reimagine their careers, the experience can be an opportunity to create a more balanced and fulfilling life. “There are no second acts in American lives,” F. Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote. But Fitzgerald died at 44, so what the hell did he know about the subject?

Son, Let’s Be Partners

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When he was young, Jack Rodgers passed on the chance to join his father in business. But decades later he came out of retirement to join his own son in a new venture. Jack and Jonathan Rodgers   Imagine a time before publicly held corporations, nonprofits, limited partnerships, conglomerates, cartels or the military-industrial