6 Things Retirement Calculators Get Wrong

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A study by the Society of Actuaries says popular retirement calculators have serious flaws Every major financial services company has an online tool to estimate how much money you need to save for retirement. But a recent study shows that many popular retirement calculators have fundamental flaws that can lead to miscalculations when plotting your financial future. Learn

Emerging Second Career Opportunities in Education

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Experts project growing opportunties for midlife career change to teaching in the next decade Mass Retirement of Teachers Anticipated A new study conducted by The National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF) entitled How Boomers Can Contribute to Student Success projects that the aging of the baby boom generation will lead to mass retirements of teachers

What Your Really Need In Retirement — Friends

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It's important to plan for a satisfying social life in retirement [From CNNMoney.com] A report from the Pew Research Center indicates that happiness in retirement is directly related to the number and quality of friends that you have.  So it makes sense to plan for a satisfying social life in retirement with as much care and attention as you bring

Older Entrepreneurs Target Peers

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Many older business owners are finding success by targeting their own age group [From the Wall Street Journal] Feeling that no one else understand their particular needs, an increasing number of retired or semi-retired entrepreneurs are developing businesses that relate specifically to the needs of older Americans.  Profiled in the piece are Art Koff, founder

10 Ways Baby Boomers Will Reinvent Retirement

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Baby boomers have redefined every life stage they have passed through, and retirement will be no different. [From US News & World Report] Baby boomers have redefined every life stage they have passed through, and retirement will be no different.  According to this report in US News, there are ten important differences between boomer retirement and retirement for earlier generations: Longer

The Happiest States

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Sunshine, open space—and fewer people—appear to make people happier.  In the “maybe this isn’t news” category, new research suggests that sunshine and open space make people happier. The study ranks all 50 states and the District of Columbia on a happiness scale. Louisiana is perhaps a surprise in the No. 1 slot (although the data

Laid Off? That May Be Better Than the Alternative

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Research at Boeing finds the corporate survivors in more miserable shape than those who got pink slips. Nobody likes the idea of getting laid off. But for many working in one of America’s large corporations, not getting laid off can actually be worse. At least that’s the conclusion of a team of academics who spent

Average Unemployment at 29 Weeks and Rising

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It's getting harder for the laid-off to find new work. The average unemployed American has been out of work for 28.5 weeks, according to the latest unemployment report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s a sharp jump from a year ago, when the average duration of unemployment was 19 weeks. The jump has

Best Careers for Women Over 40

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These jobs combine above-average pay, prospects, control and flexibility. What do women want in a job? More magazine conducted a national survey of women over 40 and asked them that question. The answers: a good salary, bright future prospects, a high degree of personal control and a flexible schedule. More then interviewed career experts to identify