How To Choose a Career Aptitude Test or Personality Test

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The right career aptitude test can provide important insight for planning a midlife career change Career aptitude tests, personality tests, and career interest inventories literally litter the career planning landscape.  And while there is no question that the right career aptitude test or self assessment can provide a useful framework for thinking about a career

One Man’s Definition of Happiness

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The founder of the Center for Well-Being offers a prescription for individual happiness, proposes an index of national well-being, and lays out a policy agenda for enlightened nations. What if we measured the success of a nation on how happy its citizens are and the degree to which it is working to ensure the happiness

A New Self-Assessment Tool for Ranking Life Values and Priorities

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The Life Values Self-Assessment Test Provides Valuable Insight and Data recently launched a free online tool called the Life Values Self-Assessment Test (LVAT), a new instrument designed to help people get insight into how to order their life priorities.  The test has been extremely well received, with over 1,000 people completing the exercise in

12 Steps to Work Sanity — And Improved Life Balance

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Guest blog by Sheryl Spanier, author and executive coach We are all encouraged to find work about which we are passionate.  This is the ideal:  to work at something you “love” and get paid, too!  Those of us who achieve this lofty ideal, often find ourselves work-aholocs!  We live to work rather than working to

Discover the benefits of a Career Change to a Lifestyle Business

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My friend Mark Miller, who is also a regular contributor to, recently published a book entitled "The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security."  It is a terrific book, and I recommend it to anyone who is wrestling with plans for transitioning into retirement -- or semi-retirement -- or whatever it is we call the stage of life between our

Consider A Midlife Career Change to Teaching

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The rewards of teaching are enormous, and so is the need for excellent teachers. In the next decade, there will be 1.5 million teaching vacancies in the United States, according to the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. Millions of baby boomers are retiring from the profession, and a staggering 50 percent of new teachers leave

Four Strategies for Charting a Midlife Career Change

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It's common for people in midlife to feel a strong urge to change careers in search of something more meaningful or fulfilling. But while the need for a change may be abundantly clear, the question of what that change should actually involve is often murky and undefined.  With that in mind, here are several well established strategies for gaining clarity and direction when considering

Discovering What Matters — A Powerful Self-Assessment Tool

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One of my goals in this blog is to make my readers aware of resources available in the market that can help to build self-awareness and plan a midlife career change or retirement transition.  I recently came across a workbook that provides an excellent roadmap for planning just such a major life event. The Discovering What Matters Workbook was created by The Metlife Mature Market Institute