Finally, He Bought the Farm

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Once Barry Meinerth dreamed of being a veterinarian. He ended up with a big job in magazine production, but a few years ago his lifelong love of animals led him to buy a farm, and now he produces alpaca wool—and self-fulfillment—instead. Barry Meinerth with a prize-winning alpaca   After more than three lucrative, satisfying but

Getting Paid to See The World

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Rob Geyer-Sylvia loved to travel, but life kept getting in the way. Then, at age 51 he found an exciting new job on the road.   A Taste for Travel One of Rob Geyer-Sylvia’s best memories of childhood is road trips exploring the cities within range of his Connecticut hometown. “Back in the 1960s, flying was

The PI Wears Prada: One Woman’s Midlife Career Change

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When her job in real estate soured and her kids got older, Jeanene Weiner followed a dream and started her own detective agency. On the Case The doctor’s wife often slipped away in her Porsche to shop, play tennis and visit friends. And when she drove away from the two-story colonial in a posh Atlanta

The Accidental Winemaker

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The abandoned lima bean farm that was meant to be a retirement retreat grew into a new career for vintner Deborah Hall   Deborah Hall was sweltering in her new Armani suit and two-inch Manolos as she watched a buyer at New York City’s Morrell & Company, one of the city’s top wine retailers, taste

A Second Chance to Become a Pro Golfer

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For the best amateur players, turning 50 means a chance to try qualifying for the pro tour. For MIke Goodes, it meant becoming a stalwart pro—and tournament champion.   Graham Banister Talk about a fantasy career. How does becoming a professional golfer sound? Get real. You’re not good enough. That is unless you were, or