What Does it Take to Break into Health Care?

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Health care jobs are expected to continue growing rapidly through 2016; here's how you can break into the field. Health care employment continue to grow rapidly despite the economy’s overall weakness. Now, a new report on career transition offers advice on how to break into the sector. Why is health care on the rise? The

From Dancer to Dietician: Healthy Steps to a New Profession

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Helen Butleroff had a rewarding career as a Broadway dancer and choreographer. At 54, she made a surprising and successful shift to a completely different field—nutrition. Helen’s Lesson: There’s no point in being bitter if you age out of your first career. Don’t dwell on the fact that life can be unfair. Dwell on a

Laid Off at 55, Choosing to Become a Nurse

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Bob Seymore lost his job in medical-equipment sales then found his calling in a second career. After more than two decades working for a medical-equipment company, Bob Seymore struggled to absorb the news that his entire department had been laid off. "I was 55 and out of a job," Bob says. He'd just finished renovating