Giving Back: From Actress to Social Worker

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Carol Mannes stages a career comeback as a social worker to help her fellow thespians cope. Carol Mannes   I had lost my passion for my career in the entertainment industry. Even though I had been successful in theater, TV and even teaching acting, I was burned out. I decided to return to

Producing a Second Career: Starting a Nonprofit Theatre Troupe

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It took Marcia Seligson a few false starts before she found the next act that was right for her.   Sara Davidson is the best-selling author of “Loose Change” and other books. She worked for years as a journalist, novelist, TV writer and producer—but at age 57, her life fell apart. She aged out of Hollywood,

Richer By Far: Developer Now Helps the Homeless

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Attending a spiritual retreat inspired real estate developer Alan Graham to remake his life feeding Austin’s homeless. Alan’s Lesson: There’s a deeper satisfaction in doing good work than making good money—a simple lesson that’s tough to learn in your twenties and thirties.  Alan Graham was living a typical American life, albeit a quite enviable one. A

Becoming a Pastor: My Spiritual Calling

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Susanna Margaret Goulder gave up a glamorous career as set decorator for movies and TV to find more meaningful work. Susanna’s Lesson: Respect the challenges and difficulties you face in life. Pay attention to them, and they can guide you to the right path. “I was always a little actress,” Susanna Margaret Goulder tells me. “My parents

She Dreamed of Africa

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Vivian Glyck gave up a six-figure salary to help a hospital in Uganda—and has never felt richer. Vivian Glyck in Uganda Photo by Jan Goodwin   A Miracle Worker As our plane touches down in Entebbe, Uganda, Vivian Glyck unfolds her long, tanned legs with relief. We have just traveled 10,000 miles from

Civic Ventures Aims to Bring Out the Benevolence in Boomers

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An entrepreneurial nonprofit, Civic Ventures, directs the energy of would-be retirees into philanthropic endeavors that capitalize on their deep, profound experience and drive to give back. Since they first learned to speak, boomers have promised a lot: peace, love, universal health care. Most lofty goals have proved elusive, but as the largest demographic bulge in