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Work With Us and Join Our Movement to
Become the Future of Midlife Transformation


We want to work with you — either by helping you transform yourself in midlife or by sharing your knowledge and expertise to help others.

Here are the different ways we can work together:


Join Our Private LinkedIn Group

Join our private LinkedIn Group of over 6,500 Members

Join the conversation and connect with a community of over 6,500 members in our private LinkedIn group. Post articles, comment and share with like-minded people who are seeking to answer “What’s Next?” for their careers.

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High-Level 1-on-1 Midlife Transformation Coaching

1-on-1 Midlife Transformation Coaching

If you are stuck, confused, and overwhelmed in midlife then we are here to help. For a small number of clients we offer exclusive 1-on-1 coaching. We will work closely with you to help you transform confusion into clarity and find a clear path, your path, and then help you move down that path.

We are are currently fully booked, but to get on our waiting list please contact us at hello [at]



Share or Promote Your Product/Service/Expertise

Promote Your Product or Service

Do you have a product or service that is proven to help those stuck in midlife?

With an email list of 70k subscribers, a website with 53k monthly visitors, a private LinkedIn group of 6.5k members, and 7 pages ranked in the top three search results in google; we can help you reach those who need your product or service the most.

We offer promotional partnerships and advertising.

If you have a proven product or service that you’d like to promote, please contact us at hello [at]

Contribute Content and Share Your Expertise

Our goal at is to be the future of midlife reinvention by creating the highest quality resource website possible.

It is of deep concern to us that nearly 70% of Americans (according to Gallup) are unhappy and disengaged at work and that unhappiness is carried home to our families and our communities.

Our research shows that many people are lost, disconnected, confused, stuck and don’t know where to turn to for honest, high-quality help. 

To that end, we are inviting those in who share our vision — individuals who are ethical, intelligent and producing the highest quality content.

We are looking for content (articles, blog posts, videos, webinars, etc.) related to the following categories:

  • Career Change
  • Purposeful Living
  • Self-Assessment
  • Retirement
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Connection

If you have proven high quality content to contribute to the What’s Next community, please send your request to hello [at] Stats:

Monthly Visitors
Members of Our Mailing List
Members of Private LinkedIn Group
Pages in Google Top 3 Results

Have Something Else in Mind? Let Us Know!

Share Your Idea With Us

If you have a different idea of how to help our community let us know by sending us an email at hello [at], we’d love to hear from you!