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In-depth individual guides on how to launch a career as a WRITER... SCREENWRITER... PHOTOGRAPHER... SONGWRITER... ACTOR... and more

Become a Published Writer

Whether you are a novice or already have been paid for your writing, this guide will give you valuable information to make publishing your writing both easier and more profitable. Author Sheila Seifert has sold more than 1,000 pieces of nonfiction, fiction and poetry as a free-lance writer. As a university instructor, she has taught creative writing, composition and magazine writing, and she is a sought-after speaker for writers conferences.  

Become a Screenwriter

Few careers offer as much allure as screenwriting. But where many have tried, few will succeed. If you would like to break into this exciting career, this guide is a must read. Author Angela Hynes will show you how to write a script and then how to market it. Hynes is a former script consultant for a movie studio who is now a full-time writer. Two movie scripts written by Angela and her partner are in development at major studios, including a screenplay they wrote that was recently bought by 20th Century Fox for $360,000. In this guide she shares with you her own experiences as well as insider tips and expert advice from successful screenwriters.

Become a Travel Writer

Hundreds of publishers—newspapers, magazines, websites and travel guide-book publishers—rely on free-lance writers to keep their coverage of travel within and between hundreds of countries fresh and up-to-date. If you are curious about the opportunities and challenges of a career built on traveling the world and getting paid to write about it, this guide is for you. Author Douglas E. Morris has visited more than 100 countries, written numerous travel articles and published two travel guide books. He was recently featured in a Smithsonian Institution program about "off the beaten path" destinations. In this guide he shares with you his own experiences as well as expert advice from other successful travel writers.

Become a Songwriter

Songwriting is truly a fab job. And there are many more outlets for your music than you might imagine. For many songwriters the greatest appeal of a career in writing music is the opportunity to touch people’s lives in a meaningful way. (If you write only words, or only music, you can find a songwriting partner with whom to complete your songs.) Whether you want to inspire or comfort people with your words and music, or you want to make money from your songs, this FabJob guide is an essential get-started resource. Author Libbie Hall is a songwriter and certified career and job-transition coach. Here she offers tips on writing songs, getting them published, marketing them and understanding how many different markets exist for various kinds of music. To give you expert advice on how to succeed in this fab job, she interviewed professional songwriters (including a Grammy® winner), music publishers and other music industry insiders with experience at top labels such as BMG Music, EMI Publishing, Polygram Music Publishing, Sony Music and Universal Records.

Become a Professional Photographer

 Do you love to take photos? This guide will help you consider whether your passion could become your business. Nearly all photography is shot and produced digitally now, which has reduced the startup expenses required for a photography business. Of course, it still takes hard work, creativity and good business sense to achieve success. This guide can help you get off to a good start—whether you want to focus on wedding, portrait or business photography. Inside you’ll find tips and expert career advice from successful professional photographers including Michelle Valberg, a celebrated photographer whose work has appeared in In Style magazine; Mike Copeman, an official photographer at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics; and award-winning studio and wedding photographers Anthony Cava and Frank Cava. While you will learn about resources that can help you improve your photography skills, the emphasis in this guide is on building a photography business. 

Become a Book Editor

Do you love books and think you might like to help create them? Editors work with authors to improve and market their books for the reading public. Copy editors help authors hone their texts. Acquisitions editors cull through submitted manuscripts and decide which books to acquire for their publishing house, then manage the publication process from first draft through retail sales. If either copy editing or acquisitions sounds like the career of your dreams, this guide can help you get started on a career in book publishing. Author Jodi L. Brandon, a professional writer and editor who has worked in the editorial departments of several publishers including Hearst Books, has edited and/or contributed to a number of books, including The Barnes & Noble Guide to Children's Books (3rd Edition). Her advice can save you many hours of research,  help you avoid some common mistakes, and give you the information you need to break into book editing.

Become an Actor

 Acting is a dream career. It's also a competitive one. Don’t go into it starry-eyed. This guide from FabJob will tell you the truth about making it as an actor. You’ll learn how to hone your skills, how to get hired, how to find an agent and what it takes to succeed in the big-time markets of New York and Los Angeles. To bring you the most up-to-date insider information, author John C. Havens interviewed successful actors, directors, agents and casting directors. Havens himself has landed roles on Broadway, guest spots on Law & Order, Spin City and the Disney Channel, as well as parts in popular movies such as “The Thomas Crown Affair,” the Robert De Niro production “Prison song,” and “Life or Something Like It” with Angelina Jolie.


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