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I'm Curious

Hi, I'm Nicola, co-founder and creator...

... and connection is my passion, my obsession.

I’ve been searching for it my entire life, ever since I was a little girl. But I had the hardest time finding it. In fact, I spent a good portion of my life being completely disconnected from myself, from who I truly was and what I needed.

For years I did everything that I thought I should be doing, what others thought I should be doing, to the point that I forgot who I was. Until the moment my body, my heart, and my soul said, “enough is enough” and disconnected me completely.

My name is Nicola Vetter, and I'm a certified ontological coach, co-founder of Pathwise Publishing, co-host of the Inside-Out Career Design podcast, co-creator of a scientifically validated personality assessment about Motives & Desires and the Figure Out What's Next program at

My goal is to help you find deep connection, first with yourself, with your authentic self, and then to help you find ways to connect to the real world and with others.

My North Star is: "To connect people and their ideas to the world so they can create a life that matters."

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Hi, I'm Peter, co-founder and creator...

... and my goal is to help you answer a single question: Is it possible to live a meaningful, purpose-driven life AND have a successful career?

This is the exact question I asked myself after surviving a massive heart-attack while sitting at a red light ten years ago. 

It was at that red light, with my survival spinning in the air like a coin toss, that I decided, not with my mind, but with my entire body, with every ounce of my being, that I was going to live. Notice that I didn’t say survive, no.

My mind and my body and my failing heart all said, “I want to live, to fully experience being ALIVE.”

Since that moment I've dedicated my life - literally every bit of time, money, and resources I've had over the past decade to figuring this out.  

My name is Peter Axtell, and I'm a certified ontological coach, co-founder of Pathwise Publishing, co-host of the Inside-Out Career Design podcast, co-creator of a scientifically validated personality assessment about Motives & Desires and the Figure Out What's Next program at

My North Star is: "To help people understand who they are, do what they love, and live a fulfilled life."


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What We Stand For

At we use our core values to guide our daily actions and decisions.

Our core values are not feel-good statements that we threw together to make us seem noble; they come from choices we’ve made in our lives, who we are and what we cherish, what we value.

Please hold us accountable to our values:

If you feel we are acting in a way that is out of alignment with our core values please let us know.

Pursue hidden truth and understanding

Gain deep insight through the relentless quest for knowledge and true understanding.

Approach everyone with kindness & compassion

Treat every person and every situation with a kind and compassionate heart.

Strive for excellence while serving with humility

Commit to being the best while honoring and serving the needs of others.

Take decisive, consistent, and ethical action

Understand that quality and excellence take time, celebrate daily process and progress, reward the work, not the outcome.

Transform confusion into clarity

Help others transform confusion into clarity that brings joy and opportunity into their lives.

Do everything possible to deliver what is promised

Build trust and connection through consistently delivering what is promised.

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