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Everything You Need to Reinvent Yourself in Midlife

Career Change

How to safely change or reinvent your career in midlife.

Reinvent Your Career

Learn how to change or reinvent your career in midlife while keeping your family, future, and finances safe.

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Purposeful Living

Discover your life's purpose and what you are meant to do.

Live With Purpose

Discover your life’s purpose and how to bring it into the world in a realistic and authentic way.

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Learn your true strengths, desires and motives through self-assessment.

Know Yourself

Learn and return to your true strengths, desires, and motives through proven and accurate self-assessment.

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Find meaning, connection, and money mastery in retirement.

Meaningful Retirement

How to make sure your retirement is full of meaning, connection, freedom and money that lasts.

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Take control of your future and become a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

Purpose + Profits

Learn the many ways to turn your life-experiences, skills, and knowledge into your own business.

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Create and sustain a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

Connect and Thrive

Learn how to create healthy and lasting relationships with yourself, with others, and the world around you.

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Confused About What to Do With Your Life and Career?

Introducing DirectionFinder, a revolutionary new self-assessment that helps you to discover exactly what you need to be happy, energized, and successful through the science and psychology of motivation.

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Let’s Start Your Midlife Reinvention

Discover the art and proven methods of midlife reinvention through our latest articles and videos

806, 2018

The ONE Question You Need to Ask Yourself to Avoid Being a Zombie

By | June 8th, 2018|Career Change, Purposeful Living, Self-Assessment|

This question can help you avoid wasting years of your precious life that you can never get back If you feel stuck in your life or job and want to make a change but are

2505, 2018

Exit Strategy: Dealing with Unethical Requests from Your Boss

By | May 25th, 2018|Career Change, Purposeful Living|

This circumstance is one of the most stressful ones you can experience at work.    Maybe you have been lucky during your career to have had great leaders. They display themselves in situations such as treating

1405, 2018

How to Be a Star at Work with this One Proven Strategy

By | May 14th, 2018|Career Change, Connection, Entrepreneurship, Purposeful Living, Retirement, Self-Assessment|

Leave the whine country I have seen this lesson work wonders on the first day I learned it. It is so simple and obvious as many profound ideas are. The bad news is that people


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