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Join Us as We Search for Answers to the Age-Old Questions of 
"What Should I Do With My Life?" and "What's Next for Me?"


About the Show

In this show we’re obsessed with answering a single question:

Is it possible to create an authentic, meaningful, and fulfilling life you love while building a successful and rewarding career?

Join us as we seek to transform suffering into joy for millions of people stuck and confused in their lives and careers.

We’ll share our insights, discoveries, and life lessons and talk with career experts, leaders, spiritual guides, psychologists, data scientists, coaches -- anyone who might hold a strategy or answer to the age-old questions of “what’s next for me?” and “what should I do with my life?”

Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and above all to connect deeply with who you are and what you’re meant to do with the time you’ve been given.

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