WhatsNext.com Workshop

How to Reinvent Your Career in Midlife in 5 Steps

Without putting your family, future, or finances at risk...

Learn a NEW WAY to approach your life and career that gives you the best chance to create a fulfilling, meaningful, and satisfying life you love while building a successful and rewarding career.


Wednesday, December 13, 2023
9 AM PST / 10 AM MST / 12 PM EST / 5 PM GMT

with Peter Axtell and Nicola Vetter

In this Workshop, you'll learn:

  • How to take control of your life and career (and why it's more important now than ever)

  • How to shift from confusion, uncertainty, and struggle to clarity, confidence, and joy

  • The 5 steps you can take to safely and successfully reinvent your career in midlife without putting your family, future, or finances at risk

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

And in this Workshop we'll show you exactly how.


This Workshop is a
Must Attend if...

  • You're stuck - you know you can’t keep doing what you’re doing, but you can’t seem to move forward at all or in the direction you want

  • You're confused - you aren’t sure which path, or step, to take next, and are worried you’ll make the “wrong” choice or a choice you’ll end up regretting

  • You're fed-up - your life or career are not satisfying, and you know deep down you want and need more, but aren’t sure how to get it, or if you should even try

  • You're overwhelmed - you feel overwhelmed and burned out by your present, and anxious about your future

In short, if you are wondering "What's next for me?"


A Personal Invitation from Nicola and Peter...

We've dedicated our lives to figuring out how to find meaning and success in midlife.

Seven courses, four scientifically validated personality assessments, three high-level coaching programs, and thousands of students later. We've discovered the key that gives you the best chance of creating a meaningful, satisfying, and fulfilling life you love while building a successful and rewarding career. 

This Workshop is a culmination of everything we've learned, and we are going to reveal our secrets to you.

Join Us:

Wednesday, December 13, 2023 at 9 AM PST / 10 AM MST / 12 PM EST / 5 PM GMT

See you there!