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Becoming A Teacher in Retirement

amy bernstein career change retirement whatsnext May 08, 2010

by Amy Bernstein

photo by WikimediaImages

Advice for those considering a career change to teaching prior to retirement

Emily Brandon, a reporter at US News, hands out some sage advice on what to expect when contemplating a late-life career in teaching. The idea of entering teaching at the end of a career makes sense -- after all, a seasoned professional has a vast amount of experience and leadership skills to draw on compared to a rookie fresh out of a teacher-training program.  On the one hand, it can be an opportunity for those who want to give back at the the end of their careers.  On the other, there may economic barriers for some in realizing this dream: there are tuition costs involved in becoming certified to teach; and there may be a downward adjustment in pay from senior-level jobs in most professions: the average teacher salary is somewhere in the $40,000-$50,000 range.  Maintaining discipline in classrooms can also be a major challenge, as well as dealing with children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Brandon advises prospective midlife teachers to first test the waters by volunteering in schools to see whether it is something that still appeals upon familiarization.  

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