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Best Online Job Sites for Boomers and Beyond

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by Amy Bernstein

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Best online job sites specifically targeted at mature job seekers

Most online job sites are aimed at people just starting out on the careers. Here, finally, is a list of online job sites aimed at mature audiences. The jobs listed are mainly intended for those with years of experience who, either by choice or by necessity, are looking for a new job., an online site offering free information and education about how to manage your money, put the list together. It can be found on its website and we’ve provided a link below.  Among the jobs listed are ones which are geared specifically to executives and those who wish to “reboot” themselves in an entirely different career. Other jobs included on the list are aimed specifically at government employees who are within 12 months of scheduled retirement.  Some are for part-time employment, while others are focused specifically on nonprofit, education and health jobs.  One helps train older, lower income adults for community-based jobs.  There is a wide range of approaches the represent opportunities for almost every older job seeker.

To learn more, click here.  Or to visit the featured websites directly, click the links below:    


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