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Best Places to Start a Business

entrepreneurship whatsnext Oct 25, 2011
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For places to start a business, the U.S. remains one of the best

When it comes to fostering startups, the U.S. still ranks at the top of the list of the world’s most business-friendly countries, trailing only Singapore, Honk Kong and New Zealand.  In this year’s annual study, "Doing Business 2012," the World Bank considered 10 broad types of regulation, including how easy it is to start a company, how long and how difficult it is to obtain construction permits, how much tax is paid, how easy it is to obtain credit and trade across borders and how well contracts are enforced. The U.S.’s high rank comes despite the fact that the Obama Administration’s issuance of many new rules in response to the financial crisis and seems to contradict the contention of many business leaders that the U.S. high unemployment rate is the result of overregulation.


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