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Is a Career Coach Worth the Investment?

amy bernstein career change coaching Nov 03, 2011
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by Amy Bernstein

photo via pixabay

Find out why a career coach might be a good choice for you

PriceWaterhouseCoopers consultant Karina Diaz Cano hired a career coach after losing her job there in 2008.  She did this after some hesitation. After all, she says, coaches can be very pricey.  But ultimately she thought that the few sessions she scheduled were well worth it. 

Career coaches can advise you on much more than just getting a new job. They can help you start your own business, help you manage career options and provide advice on growing an existing career.  In her case, she honed her interviewing skills, considered her own career goals and was able to more effectively identify companies who would value her skills. 

To learn more about the advice Karina Cano received, click here.



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