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Does Your Personality Fit Your Career?

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by Amy Bernstein

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What to do if you find you personality and your job are out of alignment

Ryan Mack, a partner at TruYuu, an online job advising service, says that the reason you are unhappy in your job is probably because your job doesn’t match your personality.  To find a job you love, follow these simple steps: 

Know Thyself

Did you ever take the time to really think about who you are and how you operate ? There are some very good personality assessment tests that help you evaluate your personality, motivation, individual strengths and inclinations. If you know what you are good at, perhaps the U.S. News Career Guide can help you identify which kinds of jobs go well with your personality type.   

Do Your Research

Once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses and what kind of jobs best suit you, test it out by seeing what you have to do to get your dream job. Mack recommends the Department of Labor’s Occupation Handbook

Now….or Later?

Does your prospective career require more education or training? Your shift to your dream job may take some time and planning. But the effort will be worth it in the long run.

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