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[Masterclass Replay] Entrepreneurship: A possible path to career fulfillment

career satisfaction entrepreneurship liz marion military Dec 20, 2019

by Liz Marion

Watch the replay of the Masterclass Webinar "Entrepreneurship: A Possible Path to Career Fulfillment" with Liz Marion, Digital Community Manager for Launch Lab Online at Bunker Labs.

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 About Liz Marion

Liz is a Marine Corps spouse. She has worked in the entertainment and live event industries for more than 10 years. Liz has been involved with military spouse organizations for the past 3 years as a volunteer and advocate for entrepreneurship to combat military spouse unemployment.

Liz is currently serving as the Digital Community Manager for Bunker Labs’ Launch Lab Online, a platform and curriculum for Stage 0-1 entrepreneurs, “idea to first invoice.”

The easiest way to get in touch with Liz is through LinkedIn.



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