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The Hottest New Job Sectors

amy bernstein career change Nov 10, 2011

by Amy Bernstein

photo via pixabay

CNNMoney reports on the job sectors and cities where employment growth is strongest

All across America, even today, there are small business sectors that are thriving. You just have to know where to look. Here is a list of a few of them:    

  • Restaurants with bars in them have increased sales of 5.6% and profits improved by 5.2 percent.
  • Child daycare services. These private businesses have seen a rise in sales of 7.8% in the last year, and profits increasing by 6%.
  • Home healthcare for the infirm and elderly. Sales in this sector jumped 10% and sales increased 6.5% in the last year.
  • Legal services sales jumped 7.2%, while profits have increased by 12.2%.
  • Liquor stores have increased their sales by 4.2% and their profits by 2%.
  • Automotive parts, accessories and tire stores. Automotive supply store sales are up by 6.3% from last year along with a 3.5% rise in profits.

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