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[Masterclass Replay] How to Manage Your Emotions in Times of Career Uncertainty and Change

career change dan newby interview mindfulness purposeful living soft skills Sep 11, 2019

by Dan Newby

Watch the replay of the Masterclass Webinar "How to Manage Your Emotions in Times of Career Change and Uncertainty" with Dan Newby, founder of the School of Emotions.


About Dan Newby

Dan writes and speaks about: Emotions, Emotional Literacy, Communication, Trust, Coaching, Emotions-Centered Coaching™, Resilience, Presence, Relationships

Dan is a global champion for emotional literacy and founder of School of Emotions, which offers emotional learning through e-learning, books, flash cards, live zoom conversations, and in-person workshops.

He has coached and trained coaches worldwide, developed and led extended leadership development programs, and worked with educators to bring emotional literacy into their core curricula.

Dan’s WHY: To make the wonder of emotions common sense in the world. Every human has emotions, why not develop them as the support they were meant to be?

Dan is the co-author of:

The easiest way to get in touch with Dan is via [email protected]


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