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A Journey to the Northeast Kingdom

career change dennis blank Aug 16, 2010
Woods in Vermont

by Dennis Blank

photo via pixabay

Hoping to Learn a Thing or Two

Dear Coach Lou: Those were some good ideas last time Lou. I'm going to spend a week in Warren at the end of the month and I'll start asking some more pointed questions while I'm there. Did you see the comments from our old friends Melanie and John on the Life 3.0 Facebook page? I love that we're getting our best ideas from people with whom we went to junior high school.

So I guess the Pioneer Valley wasn't remote enough for me as I am leaving tomorrow for a few days in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I'm told me cell phone will cease working 30 miles before I get to my destination. As it happens, my companions during my stay will include two of the best minds and most insightful business people I know, so I'll have a chance to probe a little on the incubator idea over a glass or two of Bushmills.

Your pal,


Dear d'

Wow, pretty soon you'll be telling me you are going on an Australian walkabout. However, the opportunity to have some solitude and brainstorming with some good business minds might ignite that spark for meaning, contribution and using your experience in Life 3.0. I think you are really onto something and here is what I see.

You have always had a soft spot in your heart for Warren. You have a passion for writing. On a recent trip back to the Midwest (with someone from the next generation), you saw that area with new eyes and a renewed commitment. By voicing your desire to help, you received more insight into how you might be able to make a difference to a place that made a difference to you.

From here on, there is a beacon, a quest if you will. I encourage you to continue voicing your ideas, raising your questions, looking for connections. If you can find a way to create renewal in Warren, it could be a prototype for other economically depressed cities. Regardless of the impact, doesn't it feel good just to think about and to finally have some direction?

Enjoy the solitude,

Coach Lou

Coach Lou is a co-founder of Chain Reaction Partners, an executive coaching and leadership training consultancy in Boulder, Colorado.  d'blank is the author of The Daily Blank blog.


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