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career change jeremy koch self-assessment Oct 11, 2011
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by Jeremy Koch

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A FREE downloadable guide on how to use a career aptitude test or personality test to help plan a successful career change or life transition

The right career aptitude test or personality test can provide important insight into how and where to focus your career management (and life management) efforts -- whether it be choosing a career, changing careers, or simply modifying how you live and work to improve your sense of personal and professional fulfillment.  This guide is designed to help you select the right test for you.

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  • In-depth descriptions and background on all the leading personality and career tests
  • An objective assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each career aptitude test and personality test
  • An analysis of which tests are likely to be right for you, depending on your individual life circumstances and personal goals
  • An guide to interpreting the results of each test along with strategies for getting the most out of your test results
  • A list of resources where the leading career aptitude tests and personality tests can be taken, along with a guide on what you can expect to pay 


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