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Life Lessons from the Class of 42

amy bernstein career change encore career retirement Nov 02, 2011
Yale University

by Amy Bernstein

photo via pixabay

Where does fulfillment come from?  

David Brooks analyzes the personal reminiscences of the Yale class of 1942.

How do you feel about how you’ve lived your life so far? To find out, David Brooks, a New York Times op-ed columnist suggested in a recent piece that everyone of a certain age—mainly those 50 or over-- do a “life report.”  Typically, “life reports” are written on the occasion of your 25th or 50th reunion from college.  Brooks checked in on the biographies written by the most recent 50th reunion class at Yale—the Class of 1942—and was struck by what he found.

Some highlights:

Many Yale alums who only had one employer for their entire career lamented how boring it had been and wished that they had been more adventurous in their career choices.  Others wished they had done something more exciting, or had taken risks, or had followed their passion.
A significant number found fulfillment later in life.  Many, surprisingly, had long-lasting happy marriages. 

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